Bugger off matey

Any plans for state funding have not been drawn up, but could be modelled on a blueprint by the independent Committee on Standards on Public Life, which proposed parties be recompensed for a donations cap with £23m a year of public money.

It’s bad enough that the weasel felchers get to spend 50% of all our money. Having to pay them to campaign to get the job of spending 50% of all our money is a step too far.

If they cannot raise the money they need or desire by voluntary means then bugger ’em.

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  1. On an important matter like this we need to have the entire facts before us.
    Are these weasels actually felching or are they felchers unusually attracted to weasels?

  2. Haven’t really got anything of great intelligence to contribute other than a hearty “Fuck these moochers. Fuck them hard.”

    All 3 party leaders, being cut from broadly similar cloth, love to witter on how lovely it is to listen to the public, and involved them in the democratic process and blah blah blah. Yet their parties membership have plummeted, and now this kind of bollocks rears it’s head.

    Well, the public overwhelmingly say, “Join/give money to a political party? Thank you, no”. Funny how this piece of man on the street opinion is overlooked.

  3. A problem with Tim’s idea is that if we don’t give political parties money they’ll steal it anyway. For example they sell places in the House of Lords and pocket the proceeds.

    Oops… did I say “sell”? Sorry: I meant “award peerages to people who, entirely by coincidence, happen to have recently made large donations to political parties.”

    And then Labour gave £18m to sundry trade unions before the last election ostensibly for “training”. But surprise surprise, those same unions then gave Labour about £10m.

    I’m not sure what the answer this is, apart from continuously drawing attention to the fact that Westminster is inhabited by a collection of hypocritical, thick headed, loud mouthed, ignorant thieves.

  4. The very true nature of politicians are reflected in this thinking.

    They cannot help themselves putting their hands in our pockets and then telling us how to spend the bit that’s left.

    Closet dictators, all of them. They make me sick.

  5. Always annoys that their answer is to take more money from the public purse to solve the problem of lack of funding, rather than persuading the public it’s worthwhile to donate / become a member.

    What is necessary about the existence of the incumbent parties? (rhetorical question)

  6. Memberships have, of course, plummeted. But there are some immediately obvious reasons for this

    # all parties now broadly agree about almost everything and fight tooth and nail for a tiny sliver of centre ground

    # which means, in turn, that the most important views are now that of the floating voter

    # party members are, by definition, not floating voters; so

    # ironically, party members are less likely to have their views taken into account than anyone else.

    so party membership isn’t really for people who care about politics, it;s for people who care about leafleting.

    Mind you, also worth taking feminism into account. There’s a good* argument to be made that feminism has killed party membership; in the 1950s you met your partner at a Conservative Association dance, and in the 1960s and 70s a lot of young men hung around lefty political meetings in the hope of some free love. Now that women actually go to the pub, all by themselves, there’s not so much point.

    *not in the sense of ‘intellectually valid”, clearly. In the sense of “enjoyable to make around joyless left wing feminists.”

  7. Raedwald is another blogger in dread of this, but as I’ve said on his site, it will come, and before 2015.

    At that election, the LibDems will suffer horrendous losses, as they have sold out to each wing of their party. They will not countenance the State funding associated with having 2 or 3 seats. So before that happens, they will let it be known that they will join with Lab or Con, whichever guarantees State funding. Cameron will agree to this as the Tory vote, after Syria, will also fall through the floor.

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