€20 billion at Moscow Airport? Nah, no chance matey, no chance at all

A cargo of 20billion euros in cash (£16.75billion) has lain unclaimed at a Moscow airport for six years amid allegations it could be the secret fortune of Saddam Hussein.

The stash, now under high security in a cargo depot, is held on 200 wooden pallets each worth 100 million euros, enough to keep the entire NHS going for almost two months.

Russian customs have demanded the real owner of the booty “presents himself” to claim the fortune, but while a number of bogus and unconvincing attempts have been made to obtain it, no-one has satisfied the authorities that they are the rightful recipient.

Sounds like the opening of a bad Nigerian 419 letter, doesn’t it?

But there’s absolutely no chance at all that the story is true. Even if the money did exist at some time it won’t now. That’s just too much. You could hire an Army regiment to take out the airport for a fraction of that sum out there. Someone really would have taken a platoon of tanks in and a convoy of trucks.

Just not believable.

13 thoughts on “€20 billion at Moscow Airport? Nah, no chance matey, no chance at all”

  1. No one is going to let that much cash sit around for 6 years when the ownership is so murky. The Government would have simply claimed it and spent it on the grounds that if an owner ever did show up they would ‘give it back’, abet, very, very slowly.

    Even if they didn’t, as Tim says, I’m sure there’s more than one Russian general who’s men would appreciate a solid pension plan!

  2. Just a thought. If the cash ever existed. And it’s not there now. Then the whole 20b€’s now sloshing round Europe’s black economy. In the hands of ordinary peeps, untroubled by taxes.
    Got to have been one of the greatest philanthropic acts of all time.

  3. More likely it’s an oligarch’s spending money for his trip to St. Tropez. As you say, no way – ever – is that amount of cash going to get left lying around for more than 5 minutes. This is a country where you need to tie your winter windscreen wipers on with wire to prevent them getting pilfered.

  4. But Tim, the great thing about cash is it always, inevitably gets spent on goods & services produced by ordinary folks, somewhere along the line.

  5. bilbaoboy

    So let me see:

    On the one hand it’s Moscow, home of the most stunningly beautiful women, all on the make; on the other hand, you!

    Actually, now I think about it, ‘Ironman and bilbaoboy’ sounds really dodgy doesn’t it.

  6. The Laughing Cavalier

    My own first reaction. Remember what happened to the margin money (all in cash) of the Foreign Exchange Futures Market?


  8. ‘… enough to keep the entire NHS going for almost two months…’

    Not even 5 minutes. The NHS has had 70 to master how quickly to squander money with nothing to show and demand more.

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