How not to answer the question

Are prices in the UK higher than elsewhere?

Energy prices are rising faster in the UK than in any other country in the EU, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The OECD report found UK energy prices are 2.2% higher than last year. The rate of energy price inflation is four times the increase in Germany, while prices actually fell in France, Belgium, Denmark and Spain.

That wasn’t actually the question was it? They were asking about the level of prices, not the rate of change. And the UK is resolutely mid-table on the level of prices.

Lying bastards, eh?

4 thoughts on “How not to answer the question”

  1. I thought the same thing when I read that article too. Nice case of obfuscation.
    When Millbland twit was asked on R4 today about the future re the point raised by the Energy Co that if implement how does that cover unforeseen even and possible black out etc – he said something along the lines of well it never happened in the past therefore won’t happen the future. Is this guy a complete moron and does he live in a socialist bubble ( don’t answer we all know the answer) – we only need to look back to 2001 the good old US of A in California when after the introduction of prices caps there were black and brown outs – due to reducing supply, I tend to recall it was all over the news. The bloke is a willful idiot and that’s being kind.

  2. widening the question, how long until our rate of change takes us to the top of the table? surely consumers, business etc would rather this was abated now instead of 10 years down the line?

  3. With respect to our immediate neighbours, UK retail gas prices are the lowest in western Europe – and retail electricity prices amongst the lowes – as you can see here: The data is hardly consistent with the accusation of market failure, or excess profit making by the big integrated supply companies.

  4. If we go back to ancient prehistory, when I were a young knee-high to a whipperhopper, doesn’t labour have something of a track-record on the whole blackout thing?

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