If you’d like to see what a seriously misogynist and patriarchal society looks like

Then try this:

Nearly a quarter of men in the Asia-Pacific region have admitted to committing rape at least once in their life, according to a new survey, with more than half of those respondents claiming they raped for the first time while in their teens.

The study covering six countries – Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka – found that 10% of men admitted to raping at least once a woman who was not their partner, a figure that rose to nearly 25% when rape of a partner was included.

Nearly 75% of those who had committed rape said they did so because they felt sexually entitled; more than half said they did it for entertainment.

Makes our own levels of the same vile crime look quite good really.

17 thoughts on “If you’d like to see what a seriously misogynist and patriarchal society looks like”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    There are any number of academics who have little but nice things to say about non-European slavery, or at least a long list of reasons why non-White forms of slavery were much nicer than European slavery. So no doubt someone will be along soon to point out that the happy vibrant multicultural worlds of the Asia Pacific may have rape, but they don’t have, like, you know, rape-rape.

    Everyone with three brain cells knows that the Christian world, especially the Northern European Christian world, is about as good as it gets for women. But you don’t make careers telling men how grateful you are.

  2. If this is just self admitted rapists then the real number is presumably higher still.

    The rates in Papua are especially horrific although not surprising as large parts of the island are still in the stone age.

  3. vs 1/5 of US females being raped? I’m not seeing a huge jaw dropping disparity.

    Even if such disparity existed, that would not justify or make right the current wrongdoing.

    Unless, you’d tell females in Asia, be thankful they weren’t murdered outright.

  4. A “UN-led” survey, reported by the Guardian and you take it at face-value Tim?. What were the actual questions asked?

    “Researchers purposefully avoided using terms such as “violence” and “rape” in the survey, and instead asked questions such as “Have you ever forced a woman who was not your wife or girlfriend at the time to have sex?” and “Have you have ever had sex with a woman who was too drugged or drunk to indicate whether she wanted it?”.

    Do we know what the translations of those leading questions were in the various languages involved?. Do we know what the men in these countries thought they were agreeing with?. I’ll bet we bloody don’t.

    The femmi-commisars have a long track record of jacked-up “surveys” in which seemingly mild questions turn out to be traps.For example-asking women “Have you ever had sex when you didn’t really want to?” for example: she remembers times hubby/boyfriend pestered in the middle of the night–“go on, go on etc”–“oh, alright then”, ticks Yes–and its another rape for the ever rising tide of radical feminist cowshit.

    Also , much as I despise PC bollocks, this evil little survey seems to be not just oozing the usual hatred for men that is to be expected of the femmis but also is more than a little racist as well–ie, look at these wicked third world primitives–this is what (non-white) males are like in their natural state without the influence of PC laws created by progressive females.
    All societys have similar percentages of decent and nasty people. If the femmis are implying that this is what men are like far from their influence, they are saying that 20% of all men are “rapists”. Of course their claim is that all men are rapists but nobody except their fellow nutters believes that. The fems would however be happy with surveys that offer supposed statistical “proof” that 20% of men will commit rape if they are not under the thumb of abusive anti-male laws. That is something they could continue to build more of their poison on.

  5. Also, Lauren, if your US statistic is correct, how do you know its nor 0.1% of American manhood punching above its weight by raping those one in five lovelies?

  6. lauren – “vs 1/5 of US females being raped? I’m not seeing a huge jaw dropping disparity.”

    Because you’re not seeing real figures. Not in either case but especially not in this one.

    “Even if such disparity existed, that would not justify or make right the current wrongdoing.”

    No but it would provide perspective. What is more it would also lead to the general recognition that Western women are pretty damn lucky to have first go at Western men. A conclusion that the usual gaggle of rabid lesbians object to. Given feminism’s dependence on Marxist theory which blames rape on capitalism.

    Mr Ecks – “The femmi-commisars have a long track record of jacked-up “surveys” in which seemingly mild questions turn out to be traps.”

    Indeed. As with the famous campus survey. As even Wikipedia admits:

    Koss, Gidycz & Wi published a study in 1987 where they interviewed approximately 6,000 college students on 32 college campuses nationwide. They asked several questions covering a wide range of behaviors. From this study 15% of college women answered “yes” to questions about whether they experienced something that met the definition of rape.

    So is it rape if the rape victim does not think it is rape? A tough question but obviously not. Rape exists in the mind of the rapist, yes, but it also exists in the mind of the victim.

    “All societys have similar percentages of decent and nasty people.”

    That is not what women who travel around the Third World report. Some societies are much more likely to have men who harass women – Muslim ones for instance. Or ones that have been ruled by Muslims for a long time. For some reason I want to quote the former French Prime Minister Edith Cresson about now.

    Otherwise I am inclined to agree.

  7. Well, it’s obvious activist bullshit isn’t it? Since Ecks has said why, for once I can leave a short comment on that.

    But just to add, we’re back with the need to remember that activism grew out of missionary work, and in that context we see clearly here that the purpose of this is to demonstrate the need for missionaries to go among the savages and save them from sin. Do you hear that rattle, the rattle of the collection box?

  8. @ Ecks, Ian and others

    also, the cooked-up figures are then used to indict the judicial system; once you’ve got a spurious figure for the number of ‘rapes’ and ‘sexual assaults’ you can compare it to the arrest numbers for rape and sexual assault and hey presto! Something like only 5% of them are reported or similar.

    And then, if you really want to, you can compare your silly numbers to the number of prosecutions and even, if you feel so inclined, to the number of convictions, and suddenly it turns out that only 0.1% or whatever of rapists* are convicted, ergo a) there are millions of rapists and b) we live in a ‘culture of rape’.

    Needless to say, it’s never once mentioned that the CPS might not want to prosecute if they’re not sure that the allegation is true, or that even if they do, a jury might throw it out. No, those cases become cases that definitely happened but weren’t prosecuted or weren’t convicted.

    If you point any of this out, you are, of course, an ‘apologist for rape.’ Having a friend who was rather nastily attacked, I’m not. And it is because of, not despite, that fact that I find the people who make up these rather nasty lying “statistics” morally abhorrent.

    *assuming a different rapist for each incident

  9. When I saw this on Al Jaz they said that 23% of the sample had been charged with rape which produced some doubt about the sampling methods.

  10. Bloody Stupid Johnson

    Seem to remember another US survey said 20% of women had rape fantasies.
    So maybe all we’re looking at there is a market mismatch.

  11. If good people get told bad things-by their parents, teachers, preachers etc.- then expect them to do and/or say bad things.
    This could equally apply to men who have been told that women are there for their use, or to women who have been told all men are rapists.

  12. Rape is wrong and execution used to be deemed appropriate punishment (sometimes punishment was less pleasant).
    Most commentators seem to be focused on disbelief of the Grauniad report (understandable in view of the Grauniad’s record on accuracy) but we need to emphasise that serial rapists deserve worse than execution.
    The victims/families (e.g. Delhi) want retribution (aka “justice”) but more importantly the deterrence effect will reduce the number of innocent victims in the future.

  13. Rape is wrong

    Not sure anyone is disagreeing with that

    and execution used to be deemed appropriate punishment

    well, I’m personally against that in principle, but that’s by the by. What isn’t by the by is that rape is a very problematic crime to punish because whilst there are some cut-and-dried cases there are also a lot of grey areas when you come down to “interpreting consent”, whatever the feminist ideologues say*; for example when the status of the consent changes. And there is very little to stop “sex someone regrets” become, retrospectively, “sex they didn’t want” and eventually “rape.” And that’s before we get into vexed questions like whether drunken consent is actually consent.** What of the problem of the age of consent? Are we going to go round executing sixteen year old boys who have entirely consensual relations with their fifteen year old girlfriends?

    Even if you do support capital punishment, there are several good reasons not to apply it to rape.

    *I might add that in countries where extramarital sex is either illegal or heavily frowned upon, there is an added level of complexity whereby rape becomes a legitimate defence when caught in flagrante. Ever wondered why english literature seems occasionally to almost wink at a bit of ‘light-hearted sexual assault’ in the c.17th and 18th century? Because the implication is usually that it wasn’t, in the final analysis, non-consensual. Likewise in countries where homosexual sex is illegal and quite nastily punished, there is always a chance you can prevent all that unpleasantness by claiming it was forced upon you.

    **okay, so we all know that it is possible to be so wasted that you’re really, absolutely, not responsible for your actions. Anyone who takes advantage of someone in that state is probably worthy of being considered a rapist. But here’s a question. If drunken consent isn’t consent, is drunken rape still rape? I mean everyone would agree it was, right? I would. But I’m really not sure where that leaves the first one.

  14. I live in Thailand.

    I think society here is actually pretty neutral. If you want to see patriarchal and misogynist, look at Saudi Arabia, if you want to see matriarchal and misandrous, look out of the window.

    There are lots of young men with no prospects and no JSA and you get all the crimes you would expect to get from that group.

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