It’s that policy based evidence thing again

He singled out Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, warning that he is trying to “cull” wind turbines.

The Daily Telegraph last month disclosed that officials in Mr Davey’s energy department have attempted to block a report commissioned by Mr Paterson on the impact of wind farms on the countryside.

Government sources claimed that Mr Davey was concerned that the report, which will also examine how turbines affect house prices, would not “fit with Lib Dem ideology on wind farms”.

Forgive me but shouldn’t policy be based upon the evidence?

7 thoughts on “It’s that policy based evidence thing again”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I wonder if they are worried about legal cases. If the government releases a report that says turbines depress property prices, do all the local property owners get to sue?

  2. Sorry Tim, you’re dead wrong here.
    Ed Davey is employing a classical evidence-based approach: he has very clear and unambiguous evidence that scepticism about wind power would be deeply unpopular with his fellow Liberal Democrats,

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