Jesse Jackson just doesn’t get the British

Britain needs its own plan of affirmative action to stamp out generations of racial injustice and to stop the gap getting even worse, the veteran American civil rights leader the Rev Jesse Jackson has said.

Jackson is touring Britain to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech about racial justice in the US, which inspired people around the world and galvanised opinion to end segregation.

Jackson told the Guardian that successive British governments have failed to stamp out racial discrimination, meaning ethnic minorities have been denied justice.

He dismissed claims that enough people can succeed on their own merit without additional government measures to overcome historical disadvantages. Jackson said Britain needed its own affirmative action plan to overcome disadvantages passed down the generations such as lack of access to capital and being locked out of centres of power.

Look, I’m sorry, but we’ve our own method of dealing with this. It’s called sex.

We’ve integrated generation after generation of immigrants over the millennia and the way we do so has always been the same. People have sex with each other and their children are therefore of mixed background. That whole stew of mixed backgrounds is what becomes the British (or if you prefer, the English). The current inter-marriage (umm, well, these days, not really marriage but having children with) for Afro-Caribbeans in England is something extraordinary like 30%. That is, 30% have their children with someone (or someones) who is not themselves Afro-Caribbean.

It really doesn’t take that many generations of this sort of thing before the entire country is a tiny tad towards the cafe au lait colour and no one notices anything else at all.

And despite all this talk about how the British aren’t really very good at this sex stuff we do seem to have worked out how to use it to get along, as above.

22 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson just doesn’t get the British”

  1. Dear Jesse,

    Thanks for your interest in Great Britain. Unfortunately, your race card has been declined. Now do fuck off, there’s a good laddie.



  2. This is far worse than that. Jackson is being a race-baiting moral cretin.

    It’s no coincidence that the civil rights movement got going in earnest after WWII. A main driver was the experience black US servicemen had when stationed in the UK, where they were taken for who they were as individuals in a way many found almost incomprehensible after their US experiences. This is all extensively documented but ignored by the present generation of race hustlers.

  3. You’ll never benefit from expensive government programs with hundreds of well-paid jobs for your preferred grouping just by letting people get on with doing their own thing.

    Think of the trainee diversity advisors!

  4. “He dismissed claims that enough people can succeed on their own merit without additional government measures”

    I agree with Jesse. The government should put a 100 percent tax on multi millionaire professional victims called Jesse Jackson in order to fund an affirmative action programme for Britain’s most maligned traditional minority: the gingers.

    Then we should all take Tim’s advice and climb aboard Diane Abbott for racial justice. Assuming she doesn’t eat the babies, her semi-retarded offspring will no doubt lead us all to a promised land of milk and honey and ample facilities for dogging and justice for gingers.

  5. We get Jesse Jackson for a short visit. The US has Piers Morgan more or less permanently. I think we got the best of the deal…

  6. Dogging for gingers?! Err. I’m not sure I like the sound of that. Especially as I am one. Rather, was one. Gone a bit gray/blonde in recent years.


  7. Fatty – that’s exactly the sort of self-loathing zingiberphobic prejudice we need to get away from. Fantapants folk need love too.

  8. john miller – presumably for the same reason other washed-up US celebrities sometimes come to Britain after their appeal has faded back home.

  9. Re: JOhn Miller

    “He’s touring Britain to commemerate the 50th anniversary of Luther King’s speech?”

    Presumably to prove that the black community don’t believe it any more – see the recent Trayvon Martin case for example, where it didn’t matter what Zimmerman or Martin’s background or actions were, Zimmerman was white (!) and thus guilty…

  10. It could go the way Tim suggests, namely a meritocratic melting (or melted) pot.

    Or it could be a bit Brazilian – mainly light brown but with whites owning/running things. Put another way, of the 30% Afro-Caribbeans who have children with “others”, how many are shagging the professional/share or landowning /middle class? I don’t know btw.

    Apologies to Brazilians if I’ve got Brazil wrong.

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  12. I once noticed a black lad with a push-chair, a black baby and a black wife/girlfriend (don’t know which).
    I noticed because around Bath that’s rare, relationships are more likely to be mixed.

  13. This miscegenation scare was all the fault of the memsahibs. Before that there were loads of Anglo-Indians. Then the mems came back to Blighty with their stupid ideas.
    When are the Wimmin going to apologise for this historical wrong?

  14. Can someone please tell him this is not America, we don’t have the mental problems of America, we don’t have the race problems of America, we don’t have the same (we do have somewhat different) religious problems of America and we certainly do not have the government problems of America. In other words what doesn’t work in America probably won’t work here either.

  15. So Much for Subtlety

    Actually historically English people have dealt with race problems by not having anyone of any other race. This may or may not include the rumoured mass deportation of Africans from the UK to Sierra Leone because the British government did not want any Blacks here. It certainly included the removal of mixed race babies in and after WW2 and sending them to the US for adoption.

    What is happening is unique. The Labour government has been determined to import a new voter base and so the English people, as they have traditionally been defined, is coming to a sad and pathetic end. There will be people here or part English origin but they will not be English as English people have traditionally viewed themselves. Any more than Jamaicans are English despite being of the right language, religion and even partly genetics.

    It also means that Jessie Jackson is right about one thing – we do not have the race problems of the US, but we will. We already jail Blacks at a higher rate than America does. They are already not doing well in school. We will have a large disgruntled and violent underclass too.

    And no doubt liberals (in the American sense), even while they are being mugged, will scream racism at the slightest hint anyone has a problem with this situation.

  16. So Much for Subtlety

    Martin Davies – “Can someone please tell him this is not America, we don’t have the mental problems of America, we don’t have the race problems of America, we don’t have the same (we do have somewhat different) religious problems of America and we certainly do not have the government problems of America. In other words what doesn’t work in America probably won’t work here either.”

    Britain and America share a great deal of history and culture and of course that includes attitudes to non-White people. If anything, Britain has been less welcoming to Blacks than the US. We do not have the problems of the US because Blacks are new and historically few in number. But they will soon be a majority along with the Asian communities. How is that likely to work out for us?

    You seriously arguing that Afro-Caribbeans are doing so much better than Afro-Americans in school? In employment? Because I have news for you. They present similar problems of crime, violence, family breakdown and low productivity.

    In short we do not have America’s problems … yet. We will. And Jackson is right about one thing – when shaking down White liberals works, smart non-Whites shake down White liberals. Jackson has made a fortune at it. Someone like Yasmin Alibhai Brown has made a career of it. As White English people become an ever smaller population in a large sea of Afro-dysfunction, they will be persecuted and forced to pay for whatever imagined slights Jackson’s successors can think up. Until we end up like Zimbabwe. Or maybe Kenya if we are lucky.

    What is different in the US is that Whites hold together better. Poor Whites still mildly make a cause with rich Whites. Poor British Whites have seen the writing on the wall and joined the new politically powerful groups. Especially if they are female and fat.

  17. Funny, my missus is female and fat, not joined anything beyond the local library. Maybe she’s missing out on politically powerful groups? Maybe they really haven’t got around to recruiting her or indeed anyone around here yet?

  18. Why is that half caste people always self-identify as being black? Think the greatest leader the World has ever produced Barak Insane Obama for instance. He’s at least as White as he is Black. Think Rio Fredinand, Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton etc. Or is it projected onto them by self loathing Whitle Liberals.

    BTW anecdotally I can tell you white flight from London is accelerating. I’m one of them.

  19. “So Much for Subtlety”,

    Where do you get your demography from? Projections I’ve read have blacks rising from ~2% of the population to ~4% or 5% in the next 30 years. Most of the change in ethnicity will come from eastern europeans not blacks. Of course that’s all dependent on immigration policies, which could be changed to allow more immigration.

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