Look out US taxpayers, here comes the ACA

Conclusion: the ACA exchanges are going to be one more example of government IT projects than run horribly over-budget and deliver (at best) a barely-working unmaintainable system. It’s great news for IT contractors and for large project-managing firms like EDS, Lockheed-Martin etc., but the taxpayers are really going to get it in the shorts.

And Hopper does know his onions on this.

I’m actually sitting here wondering how bad a car crash these state insurance exchanges are going to be. Could they actually be as bad as the NHS IT system?

In fact, I’m wondering whether they will actually work at all. Anyo9ne know o want to make a prediction?

7 thoughts on “Look out US taxpayers, here comes the ACA”

  1. The cliche goes that you should always pick screw up over conspiracy.

    I always assumed that Obamacare was a conspiracy – it was designed to fail so that America could be forced into a single payer system which is what the Democrats always wanted. But now it turns out that Obama came up with the idea off the cuff because he had a lecture to give to a bunch of healthcare professionals. No more thought was put into it.

    So it seems screw up it is. And it is going to be massive.

    But hey, that is what you get when you pick style over substance, especially when you project your fantasies of a million After School specials on to a woefully unprepared and none-to-bright candidate just because he is Black.

  2. It will become the standard by which all future IT disasters are measured. Plugging the holes will take the deficit to new zillions. Jobs outside the magic circle will evaporate and Obama and his merry band will blame Bush, the Tea Party and the evil unicornpoo deniers.

  3. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a least several of the state exchanges will have serious problems on October 1. However, the only exchange that really matters to the Obama Administration is the federal exchange that will cover the 37 states that declined to set up their own exchanges… and from reports that are appearing, it looks like that exchange is going to be a world-class cock-up.

    As someone who works with a variety of American bureaucracies on an almost daily basis, I’ve experienced governmental IT products first hand. I have absolutely no doubt that October 1 will be a disaster. The only questions to be answered are just how much of a disaster and just how much will end up being covered up.

  4. Just for the record, EDS became part of HP about 4 years ago and dropped the EDS brand.

    At least try and keep up will you?

  5. “Just for the record, EDS became part of HP about 4 years ago and dropped the EDS brand.

    At least try and keep up will you?”

    That’s a real game-changer within the context of the topic being discussed. Thanks for the update!

  6. When socialists are in office they believe that this is nothing more than a reassertion of natural justice; the Mandate of Heaven has been restored to them. Therefore when due to their stupidity, arrogance, ignorance and greed a calamity happens, it must have an exogenous cause. Software cock-ups are actually a pretty good target for deflection. We’ve all experienced ropy software, so spinning that as the cause of failure will be within the terms of reference of most low-information observers (which is to say, most people.) But a failure of an IT system can have two causes: i) inadequate implementation or ii) fundamental incompatibility with the way the world works. The most brilliantly-led team of genius software engineers could have a crack at building Obamacare’s IT support and still fail, because the underlying system it is trying to model is wrong. If the assumptions on which the software is based are incorrect, then no matter how correct in formal terms is the implementation, it won’t work (this calls to mind some other situation that I can’t quite put my finger on.) Note this is the most optimistic scenario. Given the tendency of government IT projects to suffer type (i) failures into the bargain then probably the only thing to do with the exchanges in a few years’ time will be ‘take-off-and-nuke-it-from-orbit’ level.

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