More Huhne delusion


Given that I was falling in love with someone who was not my wife,
The News of the World sparked the end of my marriage,

Erm, don’t you think that falling in love with a woman not your wife might have had something to do with he end of your marriage?


The truth is, politicians are no more venal or self-serving than people outside politics, and often far more high-minded.

Can we lock him up again for lying again?

5 thoughts on “More Huhne delusion”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    So today we learn that cheating on the wife doesn’t hurt unless she finds out about it in the national press. Actually, given she is Greek, she may care more than many about the national humiliation.

    I did like this part:

    There is a new aggression in the tabloid press. John F Kennedy and David Lloyd George would have been toast.

    That would have been a bad thing would it? Kennedy lost Cuba and Lloyd George probably had a man killed. Lloyd George was also soft on the Nazis. Why shouldn’t we have known what sh!t they were?

  2. The quote about how he believes the public are corrupt is fascinating and revealing. Politicians really are convinced that we are all swindlers, comments and cheats and are upset and cynical when we call them out on their crimes.

    It hasn’t seemed to have crossed their minds that the vast majority of the population are not at all corrupt or criminal. They just cannot contemplate it.

  3. From the first line of a Wikipedia entry:
    A self-serving bias, sometimes called a self-serving attributional bias, refers to individuals attributing their successes to internal or personal factors but attributing their failures to external or situational factors
    There’s either a colossal failure of self-awareness here or a massive ignorance of elementary psychology.

  4. “There’s…a colossal failure of self-awareness here”

    Senior (ex)politician. He wouldn’t have got within a thousand miles of government with any sense of self-awareness. Especially a ‘Progressive’ politician, who has to balance at least two contradictory opinions in his head on every policy issue and expertly ignore either when required.

  5. From small acorns:

    DAVID LEYONHJELM: We’re a libertarian party, a small “l” liberal. So we’re in favour of low taxes, less bureaucracy, smaller government, less expenditure. So, the issues to us that matter are reducing taxes, government getting out of the way, getting out of your pocket and off your back. So we’ll support anything that reduces taxes and we’ll support anything that increases our liberty.

    LEIGH SALES: So you would obviously then be in favour of the carbon tax being repealed?

    DAVID LEYONHJELM: We would. We would definitely support that and the mining tax. But we are not in favour of the Coalition’s policy on Direct Action on climate change, for example. It’s just a large amount of money down a black hole which will achieve nothing.

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