Must see vital gig!

Town a couple down the pike called Melnik has an all day gig coming up.

Two acts are:

Ivan Mladek & Banjo Band

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

I always wondered what happened to them. At one point they were so famous that the lead singer was bonking Janet Street Porter. Now they’re supporting (and yes, they are supporting, not headlining) Ivan and his Banjo Band at a provincial Czech pop festival celebrating the wine harvest.

Mighty, fallen, look upon my works and despair etc.

16 thoughts on “Must see vital gig!”

  1. If you have to be famous to enjoy congress with JSP, there’s even more to be said for obscurity than I’d imagined.

  2. Not just S.S.S ( who are marked down as German ?!?) but also Sham69 !

    Not over there at the moment, but it’d have been a bit of a trek from Austria as it’s the wrong side of Prague. The wine festivals in my part of the world are pretty dire, this looks like it has more ambition.

    Tim adds: Sham 69? Blimey, they’re going on a bit. I nicked my first serious girlfriend off their lead singer way back when….and that was a long, long, time ago.

  3. I am reminded of the joke about Bill Clinton. A survey asked American women if they’d sleep with Bill Clinton. 53% said “not again”.

  4. I think they got the highest signing up fee pay out for a record company at the time, but I forget how much.
    John Gibson

  5. The Sex Pistols changed music forever when they played at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall in front of those who would form the Smiths, Buzzcocks, Joy Division, the Fall, Factory Records…

  6. The Sex Pistols were a manufactured band created by Malcolm McLaren to cash-in on the punk fad. They were as artificial as Westlife, but with even less musical talent. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

  7. The Sex Pistols were dross but McLaren knew his moment. Rebellious and stupid youth had had enough of anodyne pop and wanted new “radical” tripe which he gave them. Even today there are crowds of punk rock nostalgia nits who pay to go to concerts where the punk “artistes” gob on them from the stage. Ah, the good old days.

  8. Ian B – Andrew has it. Bogus, because created by a svengali.

    Not that that made them bad – he was a good svengali, and in the studio they were tight and reasonably original; on stage they (apparently) put on a good show.

    Sigue Sigue Sputnik were bogus and terrible with it.

    Most music is to some extent bogus I guess – it’s just that if you hold yourself out as being wholly without ‘the system’ but end up advertising Country Life we may see this, retrospectively, as confirmation that you were always a bit… bogus.

    UKL – ‘changing music forever’. Lots of people claim to have been there, and some of them probably were. They certainly back each other up.

    But I tend to think those guys would have formed bands and done stuff whether they’d been at the Pistols or down the pub. If the latter, it might even have been better, so maybe the Pistols changed popular music for the worse.

    You might as well claim none of it would have happened but for the ejaculation by Billy Handy’s dad into his mum’s vagina some time in March 1873, but it probably still would have.

  9. The Fall, by the way, were utter shite. The Smiths and The Buzzcocks were OK, Joy Division were exceptional. Tony Wilson, of course, was a svengali. The Stooges and Jonathan Richman were better, and more original, than the Pistols.

    Andrew – good last line, of course.

  10. ‘At one point they were so famous that the lead singer was bonking Janet Street Porter’.

    Now that’s what I call ‘taking one for the team’.

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