On the subject of Mr. Dale and assault

This is an interesting tweet.


Don’t you think?

7 thoughts on “On the subject of Mr. Dale and assault”

  1. Well yes, in the sense that one can speculate how many coppers of varied ranks and grades were involved in chirping this tweet.

  2. Explains why he wasn’t arrested though.

    As I said, Plod knows who he is and where to find him, and he’s expected to co-operate, so even if he’s committed a crime they shouldn’t be arresting him.

  3. Iain Dale is a tool, and a smug, nasty, entitled dickhead, and I hope (and predict) he’s charged with and convicted (upon a guilty plea) of common assault.

  4. Hasn’t Caroline Lucas been charged with something as well?

    Every now and then I am reconciled to the soft-police state Britain has become.

  5. Neither of them are victims of soft police state policing or anything like that. The same laws applied in the past. If you assault somebody, you’re breaking the law. If you deliberately impede other citizens going about their lawful bunsieness, you’re breaking the law. Neither being a “protester” nor Dale’s remarkable self absorbed justification- “a publisher”- change any of that.

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