On the subject of Mr. Le Vell

During the trial, the girl claimed Mr Le Vell had held a teddy bear over her mouth as he raped her, telling her: “It’s our little secret, no-one needs to know otherwise you’ll die and the evil will come over you.”

But the court heard that medical experts who had examined the girl had found no clear physical evidence that she had ever been sexually abused.

When she was examined two years after the last alleged attack, tests indicated that she had not had full sex, the jury was told.

That’s about the point at which I would have made up my mind I think.

30 thoughts on “On the subject of Mr. Le Vell”

  1. It’s probably the point at which the first CPS go-round decided not to pursue it too.

    Before ‘a thorough review’ (and not tabloid headline chasing or Victim Rights lobby pressure, oh, no..) persuaded them otherwise.

  2. *Literary* internal evidence is also pretty striking: “… the evil will come over you.”

    That’s not how Mancunian TV actors talk. It is, on the other hand, how the strange US evangelicals who invented “Satanic abuse” talk. Are those people somehow still involved in child protection?

  3. The Saville hysteria was the set-up for these charges.Then Stuart Hall was the oldest of those charged and the first they wanted tried because, as the oldest, he would be most likely to take fright at being adrift in a sea of engineered public hatred and plea-bargain in the hope of a soft sentence( CPS will have told him that if he plead not guilty but was found guilty the book would be thrown and he would likely die in jail). No doubt the plan then was to hold up Hall’s example of copping a plea to lesser charges rather than taking the risk of decades inside (as a nonce yet–the US federal tyranny long ago perfected the “art” of stitching up innocent people using plea-bargains as an alternative to the threat of sentences that Methusalah couldn’t outlast if you dare to plead innocence).
    RThe plan went somewhat astray with the “Chav Mob” law that allowed them to double Hall’s sentence. After that the plea-bargain deal has gone sour–no one will accept one now.

  4. Or more parsimoniously, Hall was guilty as charged and La Vell not. From what we know, not having been on the juries, both pleas and both verdicts appear correct.

  5. (The site vanished on me)

    To finish–now these abuse claims will be tested in a court up against proper barristers. The police/CPS/femmi gang will have been much more careful than with the Saville allegations–which have more holes in them than Swiss cheese–they will have done their best to pick as many “he says/she says” allegations to try and minimise the tricky objective truth element that so fucks up hate-filled leftist fantasy worlds.
    It isn’t working. Already I believe, NFA is to be taken against Jim Davidson(what a surprise that a bête noir of the left should have allegations come his way) and Freddie Star is now countersuing. The wheels are starting to come off.

    As a test our wonderful bluebottles should be forced to pick out 10 allegations against Saville and be forced to really investigate them, just as if Saville was still alive( and this time under the supervision of real policemen–if we have any left–not some mangina from the NSPCC.). Then Saville’s life might get an objective going over, not a “Brothers Dimm” exercise in collecting up fairy tales, NOT investigating them at all and them publishing them with an endorsement of truth, which is what the Yewtree “investigation” consisted of.

  6. There was no jury in the Hall case.
    Hall’ s crimes included supposedly excusing himself during dinner at a friends house (presumably on the grounds of a toilet trip) and then going upstairs to molest the friend’s daughter. If that sounds like a plan that would keep him out of jail as far as nightfall of the day he tried it, never mind for 30 years then you should join the mob baying for the blood of pediatricians.

    I think sanctimoniously is the word you are looking for rather than parsimoniously.

  7. The jury’s verdict is not one we should seek to go behind. Without seeking to do so, I will merely observe that I think it is correct that a hymen can regrow, especially in young women. That said, I think the expert medical evidence is the point at which I, too, would have made up my mind.

  8. “not a “Brothers Dimm” exercise in collecting up fairy tales”
    Nice one Mr Ecks! A very succinct summary of the Saville hysteria.

  9. And so what should the take-away lesson be?

    That some people have deluded fantasies about being sexually assaulted for one thing. Especially when helped by other deluded people who enable such fantasies.

    This ought to lead to strengthening the right of men to defend themselves from such accusations, not the 40 years saga of weakening them.

    It also should make people more sympathetic to institutions like the Catholic Church which are prime targets for the sad and deluded where sexual fantasies are involved. Especially as media bullying means they cannot defend themselves in a court of law. We should demand the right of the Church to do so without the media leading more witch hunts about their “lack of sympathy”.

    This is all a farce. Someone should start suing the damaged women who foster, if not foist, these delusions in these other damaged girls.

  10. Since ‘suing the damaged women’ would clearly be unpalatable, why not concentrate on the public servants of the CPS who let themselves be lead by the nose over paedopanic?

  11. Guy-

    Are those people somehow still involved in child protection?

    Oh yes, very muchly so. The myth is that somehow SRA was debunked and that’s all over now. The reality is it just morphed into a more plausible form as the generalised paedopanic.

  12. Since ‘suing the damaged women’ would clearly be unpalatable,

    The problem is, among false claims you’ve got two groups; one who are deluded and one who are making malicious claims, and sueing somebody who is themself a victim of malicious “therapy” would not do any good.

    What we need to do is go after the therapists, IMHO.

    It is interesting to note that people who have prospered from SRA have generally suffered no subsequent harm or even condemnation. In our own country, Beatrix Campbell was rewarded with an OBE. In the States, Janet Reno rose to the highest public office in a career ascent founded on SRA cases.

    Unfortunately, we seem to be some distance yet from a true general awareness of what has happened as a result of these conspiracy theories entering the mainstream and we are still in the “intensifying” rather than “remorse” phase. Though if the whole Savilocalypse falls apart, we may be at the beginning of the end or, at least, the end of the beginning.

  13. The satanic panic etc was sort of a trial run for what is happening now. Perhaps never a conscious, conspiratorial trial run in the sense that I’m not suggesting that the last 40 years were planned, step by step, back in the sixties. More like success emboldening the next bigger step.
    The satanic panic (SP for brevity ) was a much smaller caper and was on the fringes of society and of MSN interest at the time. It had trumped up allegations against people who turned out to be entirely innocent (altho’ there is a couple who have served 23 years in the hell of US jails for crimes that they–nor indeed any other human being– could not possibly have committed–read this and weep– http://m.kutnews.org/?utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fmaggiemcneill.wordpress.com%2F#mobile/8555).

    It had numbers of liars/confabulators coming forward to seek media attention by claiming unwilling attendance at alleged horrors (4 babies put in a microwave being a particularly lurid crime alleged -falsely-to have occurred both in the USA and UK) although no one came forward to say that they were the actual perpetrators of such horrors.
    What the SP did not have is two elements that the present mess does have. Celebs and money. The poisonous celeb culture will be augmenting those who want any attention with those who will do anything to claim a connection with a celeb, even if the connection is something as awful as claiming the celeb raped/abused you. And money will bring out gold diggers who are not troubled people at all ( certainly they are not troubled by any shred of conscience) but have their beady eyes on compo.
    The pattern is clear. Saville is the ideal guy to vilify–odd and egotistical and mostly dead so he can’t call his lawyers and your friends in the police can give official gloss to alleged crimes. Without actually investigating them on the pretext that, cause he’s dead, their will never be a trial and a real investigation would be a waste of public money. Bingo and Bob’s yer Uncle
    Next line up some celebs using well-established “trawling” techs–get ’em jailed and soon the femmi-leftists will have as much influence over the coppers/BBC as the anti-racist (ie anti-white whites) already have. Any copper who now wants to rise thro’ the ranks to high status/pay/pension knows he has to kiss leftist arse to do so–on matters of race. If the Yewtree caper was to be successful, they would also have kiss the wrinkled backside of radical feminism as well.
    That is the game plan. It is in increasing trouble I’m glad to say.

  14. Ecks,

    You’re ignoring the USA. Over there, SRA wasn’t a small scale trial run on the fringes, it was a major event and was simply the start of it all. It had mainstream media attention, major court cases, celebs (Oprah, Geraldo) and lots of money.

    The SRA version just didn’t kick off so thoroughly here in Britain since we’re considerably less retarded than the Americans. It had to be toned down to general “paedophilia” before we would swallow it. But in the USA- the land where millions, in a similar fantasy conspiracy, believe they’ve been abducted by aliens, and religiosity is epidemic- SRA was a very big deal indeed.

  15. I was focused mainly on the UK Ian but you are right–SP was much bigger in the US.

    Altho’ there is a difference–Oprah and Geraldo were publicising and denouncing (in general rather than naming names), but there were, to my knowledge, no household-name celebs charged as Satanists.That is, over here, a new, even more “thrilling” (for the mob), factor in the piece of evil theatre that is Yewtree.

  16. The SRA version just didn’t kick off so thoroughly here in Britain since we’re considerably less retarded than the Americans.

    well, yes, but more importantly less inclined to take the rantings of [funda]mentalist christian pastors who wish the world was a giant game of dungeons & dragons* at face value.

    though having grown up surrounded by same I can attest that they do exist in the UK and they will, with a straight face, tell you that they can cast out demons from eg. your fridge.

    *of course they despise D&D, which they claim is satanism. Presumably because it’s their biggest competitor.

  17. MattyJ: ‘Chuck Norris was implicated in the McMartin Preschool SRA case, but not charged as far as I know.’

    Cue the Internet’s favourite meme!

  18. This is the line I noticed: “The allegations emerged in September 2011 after she and her mother attended a motivational talk by a woman who herself claimed to have been raped as a child.”

    That sounds very much like recovered memory syndrome. We’ve been here before.

  19. As soon as people start labeling women as feminists just because they want it seen as a serious crime for a man to have sex with a woman against her will, I stop reading, as they just seem a man with issues about women.

  20. As soon as people start labeling women as feminists just because they want it seen as a serious crime for a man to have sex with a woman against her will, I stop reading, as they just seem a man with issues about women

    eh? You find me a single instance of anyone on this or any other thread saying that it shouldn’t be a crime to have sex with a woman against her will, and this comment will make a sort of sense.

    Otherwise, it’s the purest bollocks.

  21. Sam,

    That’s not what she said. She said people were being labelled ‘feminists’ because they are against rape.

    She’s probably referring to Mr Ecks and his “femmi gang”.

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