On those 200 million climate migrants

One of the things we’re repeatedly told is that there will be some 200 million climate migrants by 2050 or so. Sounds like quite a flood really.

But do note, that’s the cumulative figure to 2050, not 200 million all trying to move in one year. Also:

More people than ever living outside their home country: Number of migrants worldwide hits 232 million

It’s less than the number of international migrants that we have at present.

And as we know, because we are continually told it, the current migration numbers are not a problem.

13 thoughts on “On those 200 million climate migrants”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I agree these claims are garbage. Although I also think the current number of migrants is beyond being a problem and turned into a total disaster.

    But ….

    I would expect that most migrants today are economic migrants – in a good sense. They are mainly young, mainly of working age, often from countries that are well developed (this blog is read by a couple of people who are British but certainly are numbered among this legion).

    If the climate dumped on us, which it isn’t and it won’t, the people who would be forced to move would be very different. They would be the entire population of somewhere like Kiribati – the old, the very young, the sick, the disabled, the criminal – all of them. They would be illiterate as well as educated in the West. They would be farmers as well as nurses.

    So dealing with huge numbers of people who aren’t very productive, who have few or no skills, who have become suddenly very poor because their one water buffalo drowned, is very different from dealing with the head of a Japanese bank who has moved to London, or a Filipina nurse in Houston, – or even a British oil engineer who works in Nigeria.

    One is likely to be much more of a problem. Although in my experience of British oil workers ….. may be not as much of a difference as you might think.

  2. Climate migrants? Like those English people who move to Portugal because the weather is better, or the Essex pensioners on the Costa Del Crime or the millions who have left New York to go to Miami or Arizona to see out their days… Or even my dear old Auntie Margaret who moved down to Devon. There are many millions of them already

  3. Isn’t the world population supposed to peak at 9 billion by that time? In real percentage terms it isn’t a lot compared to now.

    What is it called when you try and represent numbers in the worst form, like war spending in $ millions but aid in %age GDP (both to make America look bad)?

  4. For someone who thinks doing things voluntarily is great and being forced is bad, this sure is an odd point to make.

    Thanks for leading up the cumulative thing though. Seems more manageable.

  5. SMFS said “They would be illiterate as well as educated in the West.”

    I know what you mean, but at first sight that looked like a good comment on the British education system.

  6. Reckon you could double or treble those migration figures. They’re only counting the people migrating to get away from the heat. When the northern parts of Canada, Russia, Norway, Greenland become thoroughly pleasant places to live they’ll be very attractive destinations. Coastal villa on the Arctic Ocean, anyone? Wonder how good the surf is??

  7. 232 million migrants? Sounds like 97% of climate scientists – a number expressed to one more significant figure of accuracy than is plausible in order to sound more plausible than it is.

    And I don’t believe that number either, it’s surely higher than that, though not by an order of magnitude.

  8. “Sounds like 97% of climate scientists”
    96.95666667% surely. (One of them’s not sure but mostly convinced.)

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