Oooh, I dunno Seumas

If this is economic success for Britain, what would failure look like?

We could shoot all the bright people, nationalise the entire economy, have those clever people at the centre determine what should be made, by whom and at what price, then see our economy improve its productivity by not one whit for 70 years.

After all, it has actually been done.

7 thoughts on “Oooh, I dunno Seumas”

  1. Or we could follow the more enlightened example of socialist paradise Cuba, whose “achievements” have been so warmly praised by Seumas the posh communist.

    So, shoot or jail all the bright people, drive the rest into exile, and let our children beg tourists for pencils so they have something to write with at school.

    Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

  2. I wish people wouldn’t always quote the 2008 GDP figure as a comparison when assessing Osborne’s performance.

    I know it was the peak of GDP, but given that he didn’t move into No.11 until 2010, when it has slumped rather, the May 2010 position is clearly a better one to use.

    Do people not realise that it’s obvious when they deliberately pick inappropriate positions to argue from, and that doing so immediately flags up their arguments as weak? Any point someone wants to make is immediately undermined when they come in waving something shiny but irrelevant.

  3. If he wants to know what failure looks like, a quick glance at many Euro-ridden countries would suffice to put the mind of the posh communist at rest.

  4. @ Pellinor

    “Do people not realise that it’s obvious when they deliberately pick inappropriate positions to argue from, and that doing so immediately flags up their arguments as weak?”

    No. because not obvious to enough people. And when all you’re doing is firing up the people who already agree with you.. not trying to convince anyone of differing/independent thought.. there’s no incentive to do things properly.

  5. Failure looks like when we are on the other end of the current economic relationship with the rest of the world such that we do the crap jobs for crap money and they do the nice easy jobs for high wages.

    eg: we could return to toil in the fields for five quid a day growing asparagus to be shipped across the world while others work in nice offices and enjoy that asparagus and earn ten times what we earn. – think Peruvians.

    OR: we could cross the world to clean the toilets of people doing nice jobs in nice offices, though the wage differential might not be so high if we are actually working in their country (indeed in the toilets of their offices) – think Nigerians.

    OR: we could toil in factories doing repetitive factory assembly work, while on the other side of the world people have nice jobs in nice offices earning ten times what we earn and enjoy cheap teles, fan heaters, clothes etc etc – think Chinese etc.

    OR: we could work in repetitive menial call centre customer service jobs for a tenth of the wage of the people we serve on another continent who have more interesting, varied, stimulating work than we do – think India

    There are be many visions of economic failure, mostly far from the working life reality of most Brits, (though many of us do do may of these crap jobs).

  6. Judging by the shiny new offices the Guardian is currently infesting, I don’t think the Posh Communist sees much economic failure either.

  7. Ho Chi Milne should be treated with the opprobrium we normally reserve for gay-bashers and pederasts. Being a Commie ought to be a faux pas on the same level as shitting on the table at a dinner party. There is no reason those unrepentantly on the far left, like the vile and thankfully late Hobsbawm, should be indulged and even lionised (unless by lionised we mean ‘fed to lions’ hem hem.)

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