Sarah Teather’s not all that bright, is she?

The cynics claim Teather, who announced her decision in the Observer, has just seen the writing on the wall, jumped rather than face ejection by her inner-city electorate in 2015.

If you stand and lose you get a payoff. If you don’t stand you don’t get the pay off.

9 thoughts on “Sarah Teather’s not all that bright, is she?”

  1. It could be that, just for once, a politician hasn’t looked at the situation and tried to work out how to get as much money from it as possible.

    Or am I being naive?

  2. @ SE

    Indeed. I wondered that. Plus, by making it official that she will be unemployed on a certain future date, she does give herself plenty of time to line up her next job… without having to compete with all the other newly workseeking MP’s who’ll be in the market at the same time (not all of whom currently know who they are).

    I don’t know much about Ms Teather, but if she hasn’t got private wealth to fall back on then she would probably prefer the certainty of a decent new job lined up in advance over the payoff and the uncertainty beyond it. I know I would.

  3. For all her sins, I’ve never seen any evidence that Ms Teather is someone who believes she is entitled to state support, so the decision may be made on basis other than milking the state. And, if she does not stand, it would allow her local party to find a candidate perhaps better suited to the mood of the seat and with more desire to put the work in to try and win it?

  4. I think the payoff for losing the election is quite big as she was a junior minister for a while.
    But she can now give a date for being available for new work. Given that MPs can get some fairly lucrative jobs after Parliment that might outweigh the payoff. Having to campaign during the election knowing she would probably lose can’t be a great prosect.

  5. Just looked at La Shortarse’s career trajectory & TTG probably has it. University > various charity sector,/ local politics > MP. She’ll be looking for a well paid niche in an quango & no doubt being the BBC’s & Graun goto for shortarse opinion,

    ‘Nother consummate parasite.

  6. When you consider who she had to open her legs for to get the nomination in the first place, I think it’s perfectly plausible that Teather simply doesn’t regard the extra money as worth a repeat performance.

    The alternate possibility is that since she was never much of a looker, and hasn’t exactly blossomed since first being elected, the party hierarchy are no longer offering her an opportunity at the casting couch. That’s somewhat less plausible, I feel, since there’s no evidence they have any taste-filters in that regard, but we can’t rule out the possibility.

  7. Course, if you announce that you will not stand again on principle and state some shifty lefty reason for not doing so (and this detoxifying your lefty brand) you get a couple of years to line up various future well paid gigs in the left wing media, Brussels, quangos, charities, international NGOs, etc while continuing to collect your salary, expenses, pension contributions and other entitlements.

  8. Maybe she’s not a greedy cow and has at least some integrity……And judging by your post , if you were an MP your snout would be in the trough after everything you could get……….Thats how it looks.

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