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Technical Notice

As you know, for the last few months (and more), this blog has been falling over like a particularly clumsy dipsomaniac on a bouncy castle. This was essentially because the server couldn’t take the weight of traffic; and, when the server fell over, it tended to corrupt and crash database tables.

Over the last 24 hours, we have completed the switch to a new hosting company, with burst-able resources, that should ensure that this blog stays firmly in the land of the living. In the course of this transfer, some comments may have been lost—we do hope that you’ll forgive this unavoidable problem.

Obviously there will be some fine-tuning to do—both from an aesthetics perspective, and a performance angle. If you do spot anything behaving weirdly, please leave a comment here and we’ll try to sort it out as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience over the last day or so; and now—onwards and upwards!



Web Monkey to Mr Worstall

22 thoughts on “Technical Notice”

  1. Well done the good Devil.

    Isn’t it about time you took up blogging again too? Your rants are somewhat missed, round here at least…

  2. >Search box too big for container.
    Correct; does this in Chrome, FF 23.01

    FF also displays a large yellow rectangle beneath the Chasing Rainbows advert.

    IE8 – horrible and unusable; the css is all over the place.

    IE6 – displays ok with minor errors:
    RSS icon (top right) is missing. Probably because its a png. IEPngfix will take care of that.

    Home and About links on the top menu bar have large thick underlines (hover css isn’t working)

    Hover on article titles underlines them

    Both categories and archives lists display on the l/h side, although that might be because my IE6 test box has quite a narrow display (1024 x 768, although it actually looks square).

    didn’t test IE9 or IE10 – sorry don’t have that machine on at the moment.

    Additionally: I typed this in Chrome and the IE6 line is bold, yet there are no html tags in my comment.

    Let me know if you need any more testing done.

  3. >I typed this in Chrome and the IE6 line is bold, yet there are no html tags in my comment.

    Only seems to do that in the comment editor.

  4. Search box width is too big. If you’re editing the style sheet it’s the width:205px line in bootstrap that needs changing. 170px is about right.

    While you’re at it, could you make the addtoany widget require a click to activate. It’s in its plugin options.

  5. Hurrah! I was quite at sea this weekend with no Worstall. Took to commenting on the Guardian again. Desperate times.

  6. Any chance of the number of comments showing on the front page (ie against each item) rather than only on the blog story pages themselves?

  7. PF,

    As far as I can see, they do show on the front page—just below the title and to the right of the date. I’ll admit that it’s unusual to see it at the top of the post, but Tim chose the template.

    I’m thinking of doing some work on it (which will also address the search bar issue) but I’m a little short of time right now.



  8. DK,

    From where I am at the moment, I can only comment on IE9.

    The comment numbers used to show, as you describe. Then 6-9 months ago, with the update, they disappeared. They reappeared in the last couple of weeks, but disappeared if one hit the compatibility button. Post your input, the compatability button is no longer required (thumbs up!), but the comment numbers on the front page have also gone (at least here they have).

    Of course, they are still on the subsidiary pages / blogs themselves.

    I hope that clarifies / helps!

  9. Currently back this morning (in IE9) to where we were last week – ie comments appearing until one hits the compatibility button (which is necessary).

    Just noticed also that where one types in the name, e-mail address (and web site as appropriate), in order to comment, there are no headers. Ie, I know where the name goes, but there is nothing to indicate it (all IE9)!

  10. I get the “Site Temporarily Unavailable” error, but if I add the date e.g. /2013/09/01/ then that day’s articles appear.

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