The greatest choke in sporting history

Or so they say:

The American defenders came back from an 8-1 deficit last week to win eight consecutive races and claim victory in the first-to-nine series.

5 thoughts on “The greatest choke in sporting history”

  1. Or the biggest fix in sporting history. Time will tell.

    Although the turnaround in fortunes came when they kicked out the strategist and replaced him with Ben Ainslie. It was basically a Brit/Aussie team vs a Kiwi team.

  2. I’d say Greg Norman’s disintegration in the 1996 Masters was a pretty epic choke. That’s the essence of the choke – your opponent doesn’t beat you through brilliance, you just throw victory away and hand it on a plate to your bemused competitor.

  3. What Jim says.

    The USA boat was altered (given their earlier penalty presumably under full scrutiny) and the team itself seemed to get better at sailing it, especially upwind.

    Its hard to tease out the Ainsley factor because he came on board just after the major alterations but from what the TV commentators were saying there was a better rapport on the boat and Ainsley did appear to be calling the tactics better.

    Fantastic racing and I for one take back everything I said about the cats being boring to watch.

  4. I think losing 8 in a row of anything is not plausibly a “choke”. Something else causes that.

    I still think the biggest sports choke occurred in 1989: Scott Hoch’s 3-putt from 2 feet to lose the Masters.

    Hoch as in choke.

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