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It is the 2009 CTA which means that no tax is to be paid by Vodafone on the dividend. And even without the Dutch step, the 2002 Finance Act would ensure none is due. But I have one wish: could the next person who interviews Margaret Hodge MP on this issue please record her answer to the point that she voted for both the 2002 Finance Act and the 2009 CTA?

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  1. “Madge, Madge, hello, it’s Aunty Cecilia here. I’ve got some dreadful news. You know that company we’re not allowed to mention? Well, Julian’s been listening to all you’ve been saying on the news and in the papers…

    “Well, yes dear, I know it is, but you see silly Julian’s taken it all very seriously and he’s looking at ways to make donations to the Treasury of millions of pounds.”

    “Madge, I’m shocked, really! Where did you learn such language! I knew we shouldn’t have sent you to the LSE! And only a third-class degree for it all…”

    “Anyway, someone’s got to talk him out of it, or we’ll all be ruined. Why doesn’t he think of we shareholders? It’s our money, not the Government’s!”

    “Yes, I so glad you agree, anyway, have a word with him will you, sweetie?”

  2. For a journo to do this would require them to:

    1. Know this information. (Impossible, as they don’t get info outside of the bubble).
    2. Want to humiliate a Labour minister. (Impossible, unless it’s Andrew Neil or Jeff Randall).
    3. Do 2 & 3 (which would end their career and friendships).

  3. Arnald is being an irrelevant prat, again. This is no surprise.

    Stemcor’s use or not of transfer pricing (and isn’t Lady Hodge’s shareholding held in a trust rather than by her?) has nothing to do with her voting record.

  4. yeah I said that Sweevil. (not Worstall..etc), but john miller, see?

    time moves on, a lot of folk wouldn’t vote for a lot of things they once did.

    Not you though, a staunch cock all your life, I bet.

  5. John Miller? What did his comment say?

    Ah, yes, relevant to Hodge’s comment about Vodaphone being morally required to give money to HMRC even if they weren’t legally required to.

    Nothing at all to do with transfer pricing. Irrelevant prat.

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