Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

Some details on that Simon / Ehrlich bet.

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  1. As you are into this stuff, there is tungsten in the Cornish tin mines. As well as the spoil, I guess. Just saying.

    Tim adds: Indeed there is. Not a lot, but it’s there. Amusingly, back in 1908/1910, people from here (the Czech /German border) came over to England and bought up all the spoils and processed the tungsten out here. Went to make the Kaiser’s battleships for Jutland in fact……

  2. World reserves in currently operational mines by current demand:
    Copper: 14 years
    Chromium: 33,000 years
    Nickel: 93 years
    Tin: 36 years
    Tungsten: 67 years
    Note that these figures are for existing exploitation, there is 1 million times as much copper in the earth’s crust than in the active mines.
    So I’d take Simon’s side of the bet for any future decade you care to name.

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