Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI.

The Guardian put a “but” where there should be a “because”.

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  1. Yeah, totally agree with your conclusion about the English Lit graduates at the Guardian who have completely fucked their analysis again.
    However, I have a more fundamental objection: what do they mean by “Black Economy”? Is it ‘informal’, ‘criminal’, what? Do they know? Have they even thought about it? Second, the Guardian report on the report implies that we are talking about absolute levels, but I cannot be certain. If so, then how bloody obvious; Western European economies are much bigger than African. If, however, they mean relative levels, then that just doesn’t make sense. There is no way the informal economy in a mature Western nation is bigger relative to the overall economy than the informal economy of a developing, maturing African economy. And in Africa the informal economy simply doesn’t equate to tax evasion; it can’t.

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