With economists like this we’re doomed, aren’t we?

There are far cheaper, safer, quicker, more efficient ways of addressing the climate challenge than pursuing nuclear power. Accelerating the deployment of energy-efficiency measures, demand-response, demand-reduction and distributed-generation policies, and renewable technologies, would help drive wholesale electricity costs down and deliver more value for money as a pathway to decarbonising electricity generation.

The Green New Deal Group, of which I am part, outlined just such an approach in a report last week. Investment in renewables, alongside a nationwide project to make every building in the country energy-efficient, would create hundreds of thousands of high-quality jobs across the country, as well as reducing both fuel bills and emissions.
Caroline Lucas MP
Green, Brighton Pavilion

That’s from Ritchie who is also part of that Green New Deal.

And Ritchie and Caroline just cannot grasp the fact that if you’re creating hundreds of thousands of high-quality jobs therefore by definition your plan is less efficient. Because jobs are a cost, not a benefit, of a scheme.

15 thoughts on “With economists like this we’re doomed, aren’t we?”

  1. That is an unusual slip on TW’s part – Caroline Lucas is a renowned expert on Tudor Chick Lit and Ritchie is an expert in, well, whatever else obsessed him besides his fame.

    Not economists.

    Perhaps the real economists in the group got shouted down?

  2. @ Bilbaoboy:

    Axiom: Cheaper, safer, quicker, more efficient are good things.

    Axiom: Renewable energy is a good thing

    Conclusion: Renewables are cheaper, safer, quicker, more efficient.


  3. Clearly while “cheaper, safer, quicker, more efficient” represents the very highest standard of honesty to which Ms Lucas or her party ever aspires it is a complete total and deliberate lie.

    This is why every single person in the green movement who has the slightest trace of integrity must, by definition,have dissociated themselves from the liars. That this proves the number of people in the ecofascist movement with the slightest trace of honesty is zero cannot affect that mathematical certainty of the conclusion.

    The fact that support for nuclear (the lowest carbon and only practical low C generator) is a touchstone for whether any of these scum believe a single word of their catastrophic warming scare, also confirms their murdering corruption.

  4. “Hundreds of thousands of high-quality jobs”
    OK, let’s say 500,000 jobs? High quality salary say, average 40k. Add the usual 50% for taxes etc gives 60k cost.
    60k times 500,000 is £30 billion.
    UK energy market is around £130 billion.
    So we are adding 23% to total energy costs.
    And that’ll reduce fuel bills. Yeah, right.

  5. Communists never seem to understand that creating jobs their way is no great feat.

    I merely say to the bloke next to me in the bus queue, “Give that chap next to you £300 to dig a hole or I’ll slap you in the nick.” And lo! a job is created…

  6. Spending money on green stuff creates thousands of jobs? Pure genius. Let’s spend loads more money on house building, the NHS, schools, beer, porn, cars, you name it. That way unemployment will vanish.

    Why did no one think of this before?

  7. I would, generally, agree with what Neal said; they’re all liars, cheats and scumbags.

    But I don’t think he’s taking into account good old-fashioned stupidity.

    I know many of these kind of people and a great many of them are intelligent; many far more so than me. But their brains have been infected by a fairytale (Communism, Socialism, Fairness, Nice-ness, 99% etc), so those that actually do take the time to think about the subject instantly discount any answers that contradict the fairytale. The vast majority, however, don’t even do the thinking part. They make the assumption that somebody higher up their ‘nice-ness’ food-chain (or in a lot of cases somebody more ‘famous’) has already thought about it for them.

    Call it the Bono-head effect.

    Never ever discount stupidity or laziness. They are both far more common than evil, but just as dangerous.

  8. Alex,

    Small flaw in you costings, the multiplier isn’t 50% it nearer 250% cost to the business £40k becomes £100K. I had the misfortune to spend a summer break with a ‘warmist’- talk about closed minds. He didn’t like it at all when i pointed out that all past prediction computer models were.. er.. bollocks and hadn’t predicted squat…

  9. Kronos

    I have a friend (a genuine friend) who keeps lecturing me that we should erect a wind turbine on our street and I should pay a wacking part of it. His favourite phrase is “all the evidence shows…” When asked for this evidence, he shows me an article written by some twat with loads of letters after his name and makes some comment that always amounts to “so who are you to argue with that”.
    It’s funny, he doesn’t seem impressed when I tell him I regularly argue with a “Tax Expert” and you can’t get more distinguished, more esteemed, more august than a Tax Expert.

  10. There are far cheaper, safer, quicker, more efficient ways of addressing the climate challenge than pursuing nuclear power.

    Summary execution of those who voted for the Greens would be cheaper, safer, quicker, and more efficient too, as it would cut the number of folks emitting greenhouse gases quite a bit.

    Not that I’m recommending it, mind you.

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