You’re not talking about democracy here matey

The final historical aspect of this election may only be realised during the coalition negotiations. If there is a grand coalition, we will have a parliamentary opposition without any rights. With only 127 out of 630 seats, the current parliamentary laws mean that Die Linke and the Greens wouldn’t be able to challenge the government’s legislation, either with a complaint of unconstitutionally, a commission of inquiry or a parliamentary hearing.

The only comparable instance in the history of Germany’s federal republic was when the Free Liberal party was alone in opposition against a grand coalition in 1966 and 1969.

If such a scenario becomes reality, Europe will be watching with interest how serious Germany is about democratic principles, especially since my country enjoys lecturing other nations when they ignore the needs of minorities. Europe’s largest country can’t afford to have democracy without serious debate.

is that tyranny of the majority that you’re complaining about.

The protections against it are the rule of law and civil liberties.

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  1. It amazes me how uninformed people can be. Anyone can make a complaint of unconstitutionality. We have a special court, the “Verfassungsgericht” to decide whether laws are constitutional. Famously it has heard several cases brought against the euro by various academics, proving that you do not need to be an opposition politician to plead before that court.

    What he’s implying is that the “Christlich Sozialdemokratische Union” (CSDU) grand coalition has enough seats to force through a change to the constitution, but that also happened last time we had a grand coalition, an entire four years ago.

  2. This democracy thing is a bit hard for Europeans to get their heads around. The Greeks have just arrested the leaders of Golden Dawn.

    [sound of crickets chirping]

    They should go the whole hog and just ask the Colonels back.

    But you know, the Guardian ….

  3. Yes, I wonder what this person’s opinion of Golden Dawn in Greece is. I suspect his attitude to this minority party is somewhat different to the other minority parties he talks about.

  4. The interesting part about the Golden Dawn arrests is that they were arrested “for being part of a criminal organaisation”, but are Golden Dawn a criminal organisation in Law? I don’t think so, so what you have here is extra-legal detentions of political opponents.

    Truly, the EU exists, if anything, to show the rest of the world how civilised nations behave.

  5. Well that’s the point. Representative Democracy is just a system for choosing who will rule, it puts no limits on what those chosen can do with their rule once handed to them.

    Concepts like justice, fairness, pluralism etc are nothing to do with democracy. One could imagine a system of having an hereditary monarchy tightly constrained by constitutional bounds on what they can and cannot do, which might be far more just, fair, plural etc.

  6. Nobody else on the left wants to play with him and his party – no wonder he has a touch of Ostalgie.

    Where other than in The Guardian could you hope to read a cosmetically refashioned SED-man?

  7. Don’t hold your breath, we may yet have the commies back in power, if the SPD can pretend to hold their nose hard enough. Even I will say we should wind back reunification if that happens.

    Merkel would love a new election as she would probably win an outright majority. My guess is the FDP would not contest a snap election, basically guaranteeing a CDU majority. For the same reason the left parties don’t want a new election so are in a bind if Merkel sets up a minority government. They’d have to back her or face four years with no say at all.

  8. If Golden Dawn leaders are accused of either organising or inciting assaults on people then I suspect the detentions are legitimate. And if Golden Dawn is the vehicle through which they are accused of doing this then it is not wildly inaccurate to call it a criminal organisation

  9. Rob, which is presumably why they have been detained pending their trial. Again, a standard practice when charged with a serious crime

  10. Sandman, GD were making electoral waves and progress, so naturally they should whack a left wing DJ. Stands to reason, dunnit?

    What’s the Greek for Reichstag Fire? Oh yeah, Reichstag Fire, and the phrase is being used a lot there, I hear.

    Granted GD seem to be pretty Fascist, but so too seem the Greek establishment, along with their EU string-pullers.

  11. Red red green coalition with Sigmar Gabiel as Chancellor. Voters overwhelmingly vote for Hayek and instead get Keynes on steroids with Marx co-staring as Mephistopheles

  12. Just a reminder that the ‘Die Linken’ is the reborn SED party (who ruled the old East Germany) and should have been banned from politics for life(and their members jailed) in the same way the NSDAP and the remaining Nazis were removed for good from public life.

    As for the Greens, their goose got cooked over the pedophile manifesto and members (and the incessant nannyism).

    It’s quite ridiculous to claim that these ‘minorities’ have democratic needs…

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