Daily Mail headlines that we can answer

As the News of the World trial begins… Yesterday bankers were accused of rigging currency rates. So why aren’t THEY in the dock?

they were accused yesterday. Now comes the investigation, the preparation of the court case and then the booking of court time to have a trial in.

Strangely we do not leap from accusation to sentence in one day.

8 thoughts on “Daily Mail headlines that we can answer”

  1. Yesterday lots of people were accused of conspiring to rig house prices at an unreasonably high rate. When will we see them in the dock?

  2. Yesterday the NSA and GCHQ were accused of hoovering up everything Google and chums transmit round the world so why the fuck are the Murdoch three* in the dock for guessing a few voice mail passwords?

    *Or seven. What do you reckon lads? Which sounds better?

    “Free the Murdoch three!” or “Free the Murdoch seven!”

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