Damn I’m good at prediction

T. Worstall, 01/10/2013, 10:29 am:

And I certainly wouldn’t put it past one political operative or another to put forward the idea that the rush of traffic shows how much people love the idea of Obamacare.

P. Krugman, 1-10-2013, 12.59 pm

So, very early reports are that Obamacare exchanges are, as expected, having some technical glitches on the first day — maybe even a bit worse than expected, because it appears that volume has been much bigger than predicted.

Here’s what you need to know: this is good, not bad, news for the program.

Just amazing how I do it really.

4 thoughts on “Damn I’m good at prediction”

  1. I like the comments undernearth the Krugman piece.

    DiscoCarp from Orlando (Oct. 2, 2013 at 12:40 a.m) is a classic of its type: ‘My slight personal inconvenience is nothing next to the early success of the program.’

  2. Re traffic
    An inevitable consequence of buggy websites is the baffled users go back & have another crack. Or ring a friend & ask them to have a go. Or go round and ask them to try it on their computer. Hence more page loads. More unique page loads. More traffic.
    Been trying to fathom out one myself for a few days. Dozen visits so far. Across 3 different machines using half a dozen IP addresses ( because I’m not always using the same SP) I’m making it a high traffic site on my lonesome.

  3. Hmm. Good prediction. But is it that surprising that uninsured people might be interested? Prospect of not dying from a preventable cause might have some attraction?

    My prediction – IT issues will be big in Rep states, less so in Dem ones. Sticking my neck out, cos Rep states are either old and covered by Medisomething, or have three (related) inhabitants.

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