Dog bites man in the news

Dr Victor Strasburger of the University of New Mexico says all 14-year-old boys with internet in their bedroom are looking at pornography

Gee, ya think?

4 thoughts on “Dog bites man in the news”

  1. As I said over at the Tele, in my youth my conservative parents only allowed me a single morse transceiver in my bedroom. Thus I had to download porn pixel by pixel, painstakingly recongstructing the images by hand on large sheets of graph paper.

    You cannot imagine the heartbreak of guessing the prime factors the wrong way around.

  2. You missed the point of the story… interesting that the key words you picked up from a story on media research are “boys” and “pornography” though. Is there more to your story?

  3. The story had no point to miss.

    Random academic demands random limitation while making reference to obvious fact that will not be affected by his limitation.

    No point.

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