You know that idea that on any subject you know about a newspaper story is always wrong?

Kenmare mines titanium dioxide, mainly ilmenite and zircon. The main use of these minerals is in white paints and ceramics.

Err, no.

Kenmare mines ilmenite and zircon. The two are commonly found together in these sorts of mineral sands deposits. Ilmenite is indeed the ore that we extract titanium dioxide from and zircon is where we get zirconia. But it ain’t true that titanium dioxide is mainly ilmenite and zircon…….

1 thought on “Eek!”

  1. It could just be a missing comma after “ilmenite”
    Kenmare mines zircon and titanium oxide, mainly ilmenite.
    Their website says “The Moma Mine contains deposits of heavy minerals which include the titanium minerals ilmenite and rutile, as well as the zirconium silicate mineral, zircon.”

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