Explaining bureaucracy

The USFS considers it so important to have staff available to “administer” these facilities that none of their recreation personnel work on weekends or on holidays, by far and away the busiest and most difficult times in these facilities.

5 thoughts on “Explaining bureaucracy”

  1. So the US gummint saves money by not collecting rent from the private operators of campgrounds in federal parks?

    And when the time for renegotiation of the concessions rolls round, rents offered will be much lower due to the risk of being shut down to make a political point.

  2. This is a variant of what I call “The Baby Seal Gambit”, especially popular with bureaucracies when cuts in expenditure are needed.

    Take a gun, hold it to a baby seal’s head and say that you will have to kill the baby seal because of these cuts. Never mind that you can easily cut the amount ten times over from other non-frontline budgets. Use a vulnerable group as a human shield and put the gun to their head. Your friends in the media will ensure you get sympathetic coverage.

  3. They’ve locked out the people from US war graves in Normandy too. The locals do a good trade with visiting yanks, and they are hopping mad.

    Is it even legal to lock US citizens out of federal land? After all, “we, the people” own it. And you can’t be deprived of the enjoyment of your property without due process?

    Perhaps m’learned friend Lud can explain…?

  4. The US government seems to have lots of police available to assassinate some poor bloody madwoman after a minor traffic accident. They seem to combine the subtlety of the Red Army, the skill of the Keystone Cops and the courage of the lion in the Wizard of Oz. Heartless, brutal bastards.

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