Is Polly really this unaware?

It is the Baby Ps and Hamzah Khans who pay for this Tory vandalism

OK, that’s the headline writer but still.

Born 1 March 2006
London, England
Died 3 August 2007 (aged 1)

It’s a bit tough to blame Baby P on the Tories.

14 thoughts on “Is Polly really this unaware?”

  1. She’s presumably talking about future cases LIKE Baby P, because the programs that the wicked Tories axed would have worked to make all the agencies talk to one another and never, ever drop the ball or ignore the facts for ideological reasons ever again.

    And I’ve got a bridge to sell anyone who believes that.

  2. How the fuck can she use these kids to score political points, and completely false ones at that?

    After their whinging about the Mail and Milliband’s dad. What a bunch of cynical wankers.

  3. About par for the course from Polly, eh, lads and ladesses?

    Never one to miss an opportunity.

    Good to see her now backpedalling and passing the buck.

    When you are always switching on the fan before throwing the sh*t, you’ve got to expect that sometime you might be standing on the wrong side of the fan!

  4. She’s making some intellectual progress though:

    “Children are saved by kind humans with the time, expertise and empathy to intervene – but systems matter too.”

    Now if we could get her to agree that systems matter too in other public services – e.g. the NHS, schools – then we might be onto something. We’d have less carping about “hard-working teachers & nurses” and more attention paid to crap management and burdensome bureaucracy.

  5. Hamza Khan was the victim of the fact that his mother was a selfish amoral drunk.

    These people have always existed, but the societal shame involved in being – publically recognised as – a selfish amoral drunk has long since disappeared. It was swept away by the Left, largely.

    Meanwhile, the tick-boxing police, NHS and education systems somehow failed to notice that Hamza was starving and then gone. The tick-boxing was introduced by Labour and is a creature of the Left.

  6. sackcloth and ashes

    Polly’s rant is directed primarily against ContactPoint, which the Coalition government scrapped shortly after it entered office in May 2010. A bit of research through that marvelous asset known as ‘the internet’ revealed some interesting stuff.

    ContactPoint got introduced after the horrible business involving Victoria Climbie. It was a database introduced by the Labour government – on what I am prepared to consider are honourable grounds – to correlate data that may identify children at risk of similar horrors.

    The thing was that ContactPoint came under sustained criticism from a series of civil society and QUANGO groups concerned about its implications. Civil rights groups like liberty, child protection charities, the BMA, even the ‘Guardian’ (see link below) issued a series of complaints, along the lines of:

    (1) The database was a fifth wheel, and would contribute nothing to child protection.

    (2) It was insecure, and data could be accessed and leaked to potential child abusers. Patient-doctor confidentiality could be breached as well.

    (3) The collection of such data represented a gross abuse of civil rights, and was also a potential means of social profiling, as it could have been used to stigmatise perfectly responsible parents with rougher social backgrounds.

    So that’s what I got, and if I had a newspaper column I could knock out a thousand or so words on it. It would of course read slightly different from Polly’s effort, insofar as it won’t be a ‘Look-How-Evil-The-Tories-Are-And-Especially-That-Little-Oik-Gove-Who-Is-Single-Handedly-Ensuring-That-Our-Little-Tots-Will-Be-Raped-And-Murdered’.

    But then in that regard I’m asking myself what I don’t have that Polly has to make herself a newspaper columnist earning £120,000 p/a.

    Other than the fact that I don’t have her family’s social connections, I can think of fuck all.

  7. “It’s a bit tough to blame Baby P on the Tories.”

    Not in Polly land. It’s the fault of government, the government are currently the Tories, therefor it’s the Tories fault……

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    David Moore – “Not in Polly land. It’s the fault of government, the government are currently the Tories, therefor it’s the Tories fault……”

    I think Polly’s argument is more – it is the fault of society as a whole, some civil servants may have let everyone down, but it cannot be possible because civil servants are all knowing, all compassionate, all wise, therefore it can only be because they did not have enough resources. Which the Tories cruelly deny them. Therefore it is all the Tories’ fault.

  9. All people had to do was pick up the phone. That’s it. It didn’t need billions of pounds spent, it didn’t need a new government agency, or 10,000 new social workers.

    The people responsible knew but didn’t communicate with each other. So, just pick up the phone. Michael Gove cannot make you or stop you doing that, in power or not.

    Grow up, take some responsibility, communicate.

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