Oh dear

Under HMRC’s rules, companies are only required to pay tax on where business is booked, not where a transaction actually takes place.

Err, no. The transaction is taking place where it is booked. And it’s not HMRC rules, it’s the law of the fucking land.

4 thoughts on “Oh dear”

  1. Interestingly enough, or not, the combination of a Snickers bar and Spring Onion crisps is very nice. So I’m not surprised that chocolate onions are in fact rather nice too, to a certain type of palette.

  2. Somehow I posted the above comment in entirely the wrong thread. Apologies for the somewhat surreal resulting effect.

  3. Does it follow that if Richie sells his services into say Germany he thinks he should pay German VAT and German corporation tax?

    Or is it really that he thinks that tax jurisdiction is determined by domain name? The yanks would love that, seeing as they want to try to tax the world anyway based on 10% US ownership of companies…

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