Oh do fuck off

Three parent babies ‘incompatible with human dignity’
Allowing the creation of babies with DNA from three biological parents in Britain is “incompatible with human dignity” and tantamount to eugenics, members of the Council of Europe have claimed.

We already have eugenics. Abortion of any baby deemed to be less than perfect. As long as you continue to support that then you don’t get to complain, sorry, but you just don’t.

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  1. It isn’t fucking eugenics anyway. The whole “three parent baby” slogan is a curse term, like “frankenstein food”. The baby has two parents, the entirely independent of the human genome mitochondrial DNA is just replaced with some that actually works.

    It’s like saying somebody who has a transplant organ is “two people”. Fucking ridiculous.

    And finally, even if it were the main genome, there is a world of ethical difference between choosing genes for a child and eugenic practises of forcible sterilisations and eugenic murder. The old eugenics- popular with Nazis and Californians- was about forcing people not to breed using violence. “Designing” a baby is about allowing people the ability to have a better baby, which we’ve been doing by selecting mates ever since sexual reproduction was invented. Choosing not to mate with, or using contraception when mating with, somebody stupid, ugly, psychotic or worst of all Lord Rennard is “positive eugenics”.

    People are going, quite soon, to start designing babies. If I had the choice, I wouldn’t pass on my baldness gene. My grandfather had muscular dystrophy. All these things are going to be edited out of future genomes by parental choice, and a bloody good thing too. People need to get to grips with that.

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