Peeve of the day

Talkin’ about conflict minerals:

Congo is a home to some of the largest reserves of gold, tin, timber, diamond, copper, cobalt, tungsten and tantalum – to name but a few – in Africa. The most lucrative of all is columbite-tantalite, better known as coltan: a dull metallic ore that stores electricity and makes our mobile phones vibrate.

Sigh. The tantalum comes from the columbo-tantalite (not columbite-tantalite) . Our writer here is showing that she’s not quite up with what is happening, isn’t she?

8 thoughts on “Peeve of the day”

  1. Philip Scott Thomas

    I always thought columbo-tantalite was what they make glass eyes out of

    No. It’s what was perpetually just beyond the reach of dishevelled American police detectives back in the 1970s.

  2. Coltan makes a mobile phone vibrate? I don’t think so, that would be a vibration motor. I think the writer (who is a man) has got coltan confused with wolframite – tungsten is used in vibration motors because it’s dense and hard-wearing.

  3. Every newspaper story I have ever read, that I personally knew about, was riddled with mistakes and factual misstatements. I suspect the same is true for almost all stories, period.

  4. All this depravity and mass slaughter in the Congo recorded here and you are worried about a spelling mistake ?

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