Ritchieism of the day

I take slight satisfaction from noting that but for this wholly unforeseen change my forecasts for unemployment as a result of the Coalition’s policies would have been correct.

To translate: I was right it’s just that reality doesn’t agree with me.

7 thoughts on “Ritchieism of the day”

  1. Keynes

    When the fact change, I change my mind


    When the facts change I try to change the public record of what was in mind

  2. As the always superb Ironman points out elsewhere, he must have been off his Meds today – one wonders why no mention is made of Public Sector productivity, which in some cases is wholly negative and might explain why there isn’t 15% unemployment rather than his ludicrous forecasts….

  3. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the following to appear on the Tax Research blog:
    “wholly unforeseen”
    No-one would normally accuse me of being an irrational fan of Harold Wilson, but I have to say that *he* did foresee that his Redundancy Payments Act would reduce the level of unemployment in recessions since it made it cheaper to retain employees than to sack them if the reduction in demand was deemed to be temporary or if some comparable employees were approaching retirement”

  4. Happens to me all the time.

    Otherwise reality would be us much better off with electricity too cheap to meter, a couple of million people living in orbit, aging research starting to work and the first starships a building.

    Reality really screwed up.

  5. I won the lottery on Wednesday.

    Well, I did, except unforseen circumstances meant that I didn’t have any of the right numbers…

  6. lol. “If things had happened as per my prediction, then my prediction would have been correct, so therefor my prediction was right”

    Murphy is just about beyond parody.

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