Ritchie’s still not quite getting this democracy idea

Government requires those who are elected to believe in he job they’re doing. We have a form of entryism going on now by those who are in government to prevent it functioning. That’s the biggest threat democracy has faced for a long time.
If the voters of the country all turned anarcho-capitalist and elected a government with the duty of destroying government that would indeed be democracy.
It wouldn’t be a good idea to my mind but it would indeed be democracy.
Which shows once again that Ritchie is getting very confused in his definitions.

11 thoughts on “Ritchie’s still not quite getting this democracy idea”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    He has just nicked a trope from the Democrat’s attack on the Tea Party. I assume it is part of an effort to de-legitimise the people he does not like. Preparatory to a ban on them taking part in politics.

  2. I’m all for banning entryists. Much of the Civil Service and just about every State-funded charity would have very, very empty offices however.

    The Hard-Left pointing out entryism. Dear oh dear.

  3. Democracy is what happens when people agree with Richie. When people disagree with Richie it is, candidly, a neo-liberal conspiracy and the democratic thing to do is ignore it and agree with Richie.

  4. To be fair to Richie (not something one undertakes lightly) he’s doing nothing unusual. The idea “democracy” includes those you disagree with escapes most people. Even stalwart & earnest libertarians over at Samizdata have trouble with this one.

  5. In the 19thC government spent about 10% of gdp (& we ran 1/4 of the world). Presumably he objects to the anti-democratic entryism of people to government who didn’t want that size of state & got it up to the current 50-75%.

    I know I do.

  6. Murphy defines “democracy” the same way as Kim Jong-Un hereditary ruler of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea..

  7. There’s no link so I’ll have to assume he’s referring to the union influences on the Labour Party, like the TUC he works for, oh, wait …

  8. I thought the biggest threat democracy had faced in a long time was the Bill to require lobbyists to declare their paymasters. Something about somebody’s uncle fighting in the war specifically to stop that from happening – especially if said lobbyist is a pacifist.

    That was a few weeks ago though so maybe things have changed.

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