Should be simple enough

British Airways is believed to be looking for two air stewardesses who posted a video on YouTube of one of them stripping down to their underwear and writhing in a bath.

One of them certainly has a couple of notable distinguishing features.

12 thoughts on “Should be simple enough”

  1. I have always said that personal hygiene is very important and that lending a hand is my natural disposition.

    My eyesight is still good enough for youtube, but unfortunately not to train as a pilot.

  2. the feral underclass

    A couple of distinguishing features? Are you sure? Looked at that picture for some time & keep losing count. One…er…one…er…one…er…

  3. BA are really wasting money to find out if these two women really are stewardesses?
    Have op-faced twats taken over everywhere–or does BA have a chastity rule for its stewardesses now?.

  4. Mr Ecks,

    Michael O’Leary of Ryanair added yet more to his credentials as a hero when it was revealed that one of his air hostesses was doing porn on the side. His reaction?

    “What people do before or after they work for us is their business,”

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Didn’t Cathay Pacific get in a tizzy when a video was put up of one of their hostesses blowing a pilot on a plane?

    Not sure if that was good advertising or not, but in parts of Asia, and yes I mean Japan, there is a whole subculture that revolves around airline hostesses in uniform. Look at how hard Japan Airlines tries to get its used uniforms back …. virginal so to speak.

  6. Looking at the quality of the video, it actually looks like tape and quite old. Are they modern uniforms? I haven’t flown BA for 25 years or more – Virgin and Emirates are more to my taste.

  7. Inty-

    Indeed. It’ll probably turn out to be from one of those Electric Blue type efforts. It has that “pretending to be porn but not actually porn” mood to it.

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