So congratulations, citizens of the USA – you have a productive and competent government agency! Perhaps you should have put the NSA in charge of healthcare…

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  1. I’d hesitate calling spying on Merkel and the Pope either productive or competent when it comes to fighting terrorism or enhancing national security.

    The truth of the matter seems to be that the entire federal government is about as productive and competent as your average Mexican traffic court.

  2. We can hardly call the NSA a success since we don’t know their remit. Perhaps they were told to spy on 100% of emails for $2.4bn, and in fact they can only spy on 20% of emails and it ended up costing $9.3bn. In any other branch of government we’d call it a failure.

    Furthermore, the NSA’s job is a darn sight easier than that of any other government agency. Targets? Nope. Public visibility? Nope. Budget accountability? Nope. Do people die if you get it wrong? Yep, but nobody ever finds out.

    Compare with e.g. the NHS where any interested party can compare hospitals, look at their death rates, look at the budget, look at how much their doctors and nurses are paid, and draw their own conclusions.

    Of course there are large parts of the Left who think all our public services should be run like the NSA. Just let the professionals (nurses/teachers/coppers/spooks) get on with the work. No oversight, no accountability. The mind boggles.

  3. NSA has however distinguished itself as the only US government agency that actually listens to the people.

  4. Isn’t the NSA a poster child for the left’s idea of the all-powerful, all knowing government agency?

    After all, a non-market based economy can only exist with an all-knowing government. In the absence of prices, the government must know what is going on every second of every day in every area of life for it to (theoretically) function.

    What are they moaning about?

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