Something for Ritchie to note

“Ireland is not a tax haven and never has been a tax haven”, OECD secretary-general Dr Angel Gurría has said.

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  1. Let’s be clear, this type of neoliberal dogma can only mean one thing: yet another of my grant requests will be binned.

    One can only imagine the harm to society this will cause.

  2. Of course Ireland is a tax haven.

    Corporate tax rates are lower than the UK.

    It’s the IRA undermining us

  3. Depends on what you mean by “tax haven”. If you means low tax jurisdiction then yes Ireland is a tax haven. They have a very clever “management and control” regime which means that an Irish company is taxable only if it is managed and controlled in Ireland. So if you have an Irish Company and stick its board of directors in Bermuda it pays no Irish Tax, yet is entitled to access the single market. That’s why Google are there after all. All perfectly legal and transparent

    But if you are defining as somewhere where people can ensure the tax man will never find out then Ireland is not a tax haven.

    Also the Q about CbyC is pointless for two reasons. Firstly the OECD is working on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting which is aimed at addressing the underlying issue that CbyC is supposed to “expose”. And secondly maybe HMRC are doing exactly that behind closed doors at internatonal meetings of tax collectors. There are heaps of them, they hold meetings all over the world to “share knowledge” and “discuss best practice”. I am sure the fact that the meetings tend to be in warm and sunny places usually in January or February is entirely co-incidental. I expect that if they invited Ritchie then he would graciously submit to the arduous task of discussing complex international tax issues over margaritas looking out over the gulf of mexico or where ever the civil servants decide to hold their next junket

  4. “600 acres near Shannon Airport is”

    Not anymore, the special tax rates for the Shannon Free Zone were phased out in 2005. But they were mostly phased out by making nationwide taxes the similar to those in the free zone.

  5. For God’s sake Denmark, Japan and Germany are ‘tax havens’ in Murphy’s eyes…..

    Also, shouldn’t you be using the term ‘secrecy jurisdiction’

  6. Van Patten, I do like Murphy’s constant changing of the language to suit his argument, very orwellian newspeak. Tax Haven, Offshore Finance Centre, Secrecy Jurisdiction.

    The really scary thing is how often the International Bar Association referred to Murphy’s stupid web site secrecyjurisdictions in its “research” into tax and human rights which tim referred to earlier. Next thing the IBA will be relying on wikipedia.

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