Supreme social happiness is being able to wipe your bum

Just thought I’d pass on that little piece of advice to the Venezuelan President, Maduro.

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s president, creates Vice Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness, despite chronic shortages of basic goods like toilet paper

4 thoughts on “Supreme social happiness is being able to wipe your bum”

  1. I can remember the bog roll shortage here in the seventies; also the sugar crisis that arose at one point. I never did discover whether those were sparked by some genuine difficulty, or were “runs” (ho, ho) that started from self-fulfilling prophecies.

  2. When my parents married, it was after my father’s return from spending part of WW2 in Egypt where he had a spell of dysentery. Top of the list of her wifely duties was to keep the household supplied with loo paper, softest quality.

  3. We’ve had Venezuelan tourists over here in Costa Rica stocking up on bog roll. Every time I feel like complaining about the traffic, I remind myself I can buy 24 rolls of loo paper in the local big box store for $8.

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