There’s an important word missing from this report

A clever little scam. Costing the taxpayer £500k or so. But there’s a word missing from the report about it.


Or Gypsy if you prefer.

No Czech would be happy with a report that didn’t make that point.

15 thoughts on “There’s an important word missing from this report”

  1. I wondered when I read the article this morning. Thought the blonde bint looked a lot more Roma than Czech.
    It’s a sore point with my Romanian friends who often get conflated with Roma. OK. I’ll be happy to admit Romanians are a bunch of crooks. Why I like them. Not too bothered by rules & regs. It’s a result of growing up in that sh*t-hole of a country. But they’re hardworking, reliable, honest crooks. Not Roma.

  2. I feel so wonderfully enriched.

    Anyway, that’s why I don’t buy the Big Issue any more. You don’t see British people selling it, they’re all Eastern European gypos who have travelled thousands of miles to beg on our streets while stealing from our welfare system.

  3. Steve, they don’t mind if you don’t buy the Big Issue – they sell it so that they can claim self-employed status and a low income to claim tax credits.

  4. How come foreign nationals, who have been in the country three days, can set up a bank account? The last time I tried to do that the bank wanted to see if I’d been circumcised. Apparently if you’re being honest business person you are suspected of crime, but actually being a criminal is acceptable.
    And how dumb were the crims in this case? They had not even worked out how to have one pin number for all the accounts, but had to keep a list of them.

  5. Nick

    That is a good point. most financial services’ outfits demand to see a passport/proof of identity and a utility bill in your name before doing business with you – they will not even accept a mobile phone bill either.

  6. When we moved back to the UK in 1995, the banks didn’t want to know us. As far as they were concerned, having not lived in the UK for three years meant we were not credit worthy. Even when Mrs Bud became a postmistress and effectively an Alliance and Leicester bank manager they wouldn’t give us a loan to buy a car.

  7. I knew wealthy Nigerians living in Lagos who were running scams by getting into London council houses and sub-letting them before moving back to Nigeria. They said they couldn’t believe how fucking stupid the Brits are to enable them to get away with it, and they had a point.

    Also, what Nick Luke said.

  8. @PaulB
    “A passport and a letter from HMRC are sufficient to open a “Basic Bank Account”.”
    Unless you’re a Brit , of course. When they’ll require a lot more info before reluctantly considering the possibility. For a non-Brit, they’re shit scared of breaching discrimination laws.. So they discriminate.

  9. The gang was finally caught after tax officials became suspicious that so many claims for benefits were being made from just three addresses.

    Let’s analyse this on the back of an envelope.

    So there were 77 claims from 3 addresses. Let’s say 26 per address.

    And this ran for 28 months (Jan 2008-Apr 2010).

    So these three addresses would have originated about 1 tax claim per month… so by the end of 2008 had maybe 12 claims being paid to each address.

    And it took another 16 months after that for HMRC to spot something funny was happening?

    They said they couldn’t believe how fucking stupid the Brits are to enable them to get away with it, and they had a point.


  10. “there’s a word missing from the report . . .Roma.”

    Bit like those Guardian reports on riots in Muslim / immigrant areas in Stokholm earlier this year: the words “Muslim” and “immigrant” didn’t appear.

  11. For anyone who moved “back” to the UK, you’re an idiot if you closed your bank accounts before you left.

    The gypsies either had a friend in the banks, created fake letters or just changed the name on a utility bill a few weeks before that person actually arrived.

  12. Ralph – the group(s) you are talking about are generally second or third generation in Sweden. They are not immigrants by any measure. Second, though having a religious affiliation, they are (generally) hardly religious. Third, the riots (if that is a suitable word. In London we had riots, what was in Sweden was more like the stereotype of a Saturday night in Glasgow) were about two things: neets venting frustration (in the wrong way obviously), and in some cases with backing up from certain groups that wanted the police to look elsewhere.

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