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There is still, vilely, slavery in the UK. But not as much as some tell us there is.

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  1. “But the larger numbers bandied about are the result of either hysteria or political manipulation. “

    Not sure it’s necessarily a case of ‘either/or’…

  2. The problem again is activism, or, the WCTU slogan of “agitate, educate, legislate”. They need to create the illusion of a massive problem by agitation and “education” to justify legislation. At the heart of this is the Feminists of course, it is a revival of their previous go around the mulberry bush with the White Slavery Panic, rebranded for the modern multiculti world as the Ethnic Slavery Panic. The target is the sex industry, the problem seems to be that there is more “slavery” that is nothing to do with the sex industry. And not that much of either.

    The use of the term slavery is dubious anyway. Slavery is an organised, legalised system of bonded labour. What we seem to be seeing is more informal and really just typical of the behaviour of organised criminals, using coercion in various despicable ways. For instance, one popular case that comes up involves some Estonians smuggled into the country to catch chickens and kept in bad conditions, sleeping in vans and so on. It’s certainly something we wouldn’t want, but it is also something that is already thoroughly illegal and whether the term “slavery” is really appropriate is debatable.

    There is a strong incentive to immigrate to Britain and gangs are taking advantage of this. At least some of the slaves seem to be fully aware that they’re doing something illegal before they set out, working outside the system as illegal immigrants. Thus our sympathy may be somewhat moderated. If I sneaked into the USA (for instance) with a criminal gang, then they treated me badly, I would bear at least some of the responsibility for that, surely. I could have stayed home.

    There was also an interesting article a while ago by Fraser Nelson in the Tele who seems to be in the slave-saving industry these days with some organisation, and he was very much in favour of holding these freed slaves in “secure facilities” because apparently many of them are determined to go back to being slaves and need counselling until they realise they are slaves. He described for instance one young man saved by the Emancipators who escaped through a dentist’s window during a checkup and hasn’t been seen since.

    So from this it seems curious to think that the best way to treat a slave is to lock them up, and curious that these slaves seem determined to return to their slavery or are at least not as grateful to their emancipators as one might expect of slaves. The whole thing seems considerably less well defined and rather murkier than American slavery of Africans, Arab slavery, Roman slavery, and so on.

    But like I said, the main drivers of this are the Fems, determined to prove that prostitutes are all in the business by force, because no woman in her right mind, etc etc etc.

  3. Ian B,

    I really, really doubt there are many female prostitutes in slavery.

    The thing with prostiution is that it relies on a woman pleasuring lots of men. Which means contact with lots of people, many of whom are reasonable human beings who would object to someone being forced into it. Plus, you can make a good business with willing girls anyway.

    The most common story (as in, cases that get to trial, not prostitutes who claim they were enslaved despite getting half the money and claiming that no men did anything when they cried) is women being trafficked as personal sex slaves – i.e. raped by one man.

  4. Calling bad conditions for illegal immigrants slavery is nonsense. IanB is right that the femmi-commisars are mostly behind this one. Trafficking bullshit and (in the UK Yewtree) being their latest projects. Yewtree has been moderately successful so far but trafficking is slowly beginning to fall apart as did the satanic panic before it. See http://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/

    “Enslaved” illegals is just to add a little deceitful background colour to the “enslaved” prossies saga. To try and give the impression that it isn’t all about the antics of the senior anti-sex league.

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