Timmy’s new book

Is now available for pre-order.


Only the paperback version so far. Kindle and Amazon etc to follow in about a month.

And yes, it is the same publisher as Richard Murphy’s “Courageous State”. Isn’t that fun?

“Tim Worstall, always clear thinking, nails the myths that grow up around economics in this useful book. A terrific compendium of fallacies and their refutations.”

Matt Ridley, author of the Rational Optimist.


“Tim Worstall is not simply outside the mainstream, he’s usually in a minority of one. In my view, that almost certainly makes him right about everything.”


Toby Young, journalist and author of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People


Tim is the world’s leading economic myth-buster. And here he is tackling some of the biggest economic myths. Economists of a nervous disposition should not open this book. For the rest of us, it is an essential guide to how our policymakers get things so wrong.”

Eamonn Butler director, Adam Smith Institute

7 thoughts on “Timmy’s new book”

  1. Here’s my review.

    Tim is not shy of using his blog to point out that Guardian writers are usually innumerate and illogical, and often dishonest and ugly. Fortunately his book is more about the other aspect of his blog, namely making lots of economic points little different from those my father made to me in his regular lunchtime tutorials fifty years ago. If you lacked such paternal instruction – if, for example, you were sent away to school, or even just ate school dinners – this could be the very book for you. Though it doesn’t contain the beautiful sketches that the old boy produced to illustrate the workings of motor cars or sailing dinghies. Still, there’s always a price to pay for careless choice of parent.

  2. Why does your publisher not accept credit cards? I shall just have to wait for Amazon – which will no doubt cut down on your royalties. The site did not like my home country, it did not want to take a credit card – I know it’s a Wednesday but there is no need for it to to be so grumpy !

    Sorry Tim – I did try!

  3. This looks like a book well worth reading. The only problem is that you saw fit to have a book on economics blurbed by the former Chairman of Northern Rock.

    I am assuming that he is not blurbing the book in his capacity as a biologist (since it is not a book about biology) or in his capacity as a hereditary Viscount. His views as a public intellectual speaking about economic and financial topics deserve broadly the same amount of credit as those of Dick Fuld or Gordon Brown, and rather less than those of Norman Lamont or Bozo the Clown.

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