Well, yes Richard

He may be right of general opinion blogs, but he helped pioneer their success. I wish him well in the next stage of his career and campaigning and thank him for what he’s done.

For more specifically focussed blogs, like this one, I think there remains a strong demand. With 10,336 posts published over more than 7 years and with more than 3 million words writen, I have undiminished enthusiasm for the medium. Tax Research UK will be going for some time yet.

You do get a £35k a year bung from the Rowntree folks to write your blog. I’d be perfectly happy to blather a couple of times a day for such a sum too.

Sunny was doing it all off his own bat though…a slightly more difficult undertaking.

5 thoughts on “Well, yes Richard”

  1. How dare Richard Murphy write about himself in the same piece as Sunny Hundal.
    Like his blog or hate it, Sunny Hundal could have taken a nice paying gig at the Guardian or Independent at any point during the past 8 years. I understand indeed he is about to step onto the BBC gravy train.
    By contrast Ritchie is hitched onto the left ‘funder’ gravy train by pretending to be a Tax Expert. (and oh yes you do Richard; it’s on the front page of your blog and you NEVER correct those who describe you that way). In fact he is barely qualified to offer his professional services to as a tax advisor to private clients.

  2. I wonder how much Mr Murphy is charged by Tax Research UK LLP for carrying the prominent adverts of his books?

    Tax Research UK LLP is a separate legal entity, after all, and I believe he receives royalties personally. There would be some tax lost if he weren’t to pay a market rate for the service provided.

  3. I wonder how many hours a year Mr. Murphy spends writing his “sponsored” posts, and hence what effective hourly rate this comes out to.

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