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New research into female competition and aggression suggests that women are biologically wired to be “indirectly competitive”. This is another way of saying that women are naturally two-faced: women can’t help but bitch.

It’s the kind of science that justifies misogyny.

Don’t look at that science over there because it contradicts my politics.

Lysenko would be proud.

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  1. But…

    “Alison Winch is lecturer in cultural studies at Middlesex University.”

    So there’s that.

    Anyway, I’ve noticed that feminists these days seem to spend all their time bitching and moaning about TV, films, adverts, magazines, comics, pop songs, computer games, etc.

    Nothing wrong with critique, but where’s the creativity?

    Almost none of them seem willing or able to invest the time and talent into creating something that matches their own values, other than peevish Guardian articles or nonsense university courses that preach to the sadly befuddled and soon-to-be underemployed choir.

    The lament of the latter day feminist is: men should spend their time and money making things I like!

  2. It’s absolutely worth reading this drivel article from a pseudo academic at a pseudo university for the hilarious ridiculing comments, eg:

    CERN, Large Hadron Collider repurposed as ultra sensitive misogyny detector! Head of project, Ms Angria Snaffleblather went on the record: “We can now detect misogyny levels as low as 1 part in 5,000,000, that’s roughly equivalent to 1 inconsequential male slighlty berating a passing female over five thousand miles away!” She went on “We can have an article written, published and the stipend spent on Ms Magazine subscriptions within 15 minutes of an event!”

    ‘Law of gravity repealed as it is “unfair to women”‘

    Well its inspiration was the apple as viewed by the very male Newton. The fickle nature of the apple, allowing its reclamation as a positive force as opposed to the anti-female role it played in The Garden of Eden supports the banning of the apple also.

    EXTRA!! EXTRA!! Feminist detects misogyny!! – Article and nice stipend ensues!
    In other news, a bear recently defecated in the woods.

    “The Heisenberg uncertainty principle.is deeply misogynistic, based on an assumption that Quanta, a clearly female name, can’t make up their mind”

    Hawking shamed as Black holes declared racist!

  3. Steve,

    The problem is that the feminist movement is basically a zombie now.

    The women who wanted the vote, or equal rights to higher education or equal pay, who were generally normal, sane women, got what they wanted. They stopped campaigning and got on with living.

    And what happened with feminism and happens with all protest movements is that they have so much momentum and power that they don’t easily go away. The people involved who spearheaded the movement, people who like being the community organisers rather than those who want the fruits of it desperately try to keep it going.

    And it’s why most young women no longer identify as feminists because they don’t associate themselves with the crazies in the moment.

  4. The Stigler – Good point, you don’t meet many normal women who profess to hold strong opinions on Robin Thicke.

    I love the idea of zombie feminists. Next week on The Walking Dead: unattractive female zombies claim they’re victims of the media’s portrayal of skinny undead.

  5. The great advances for feminism happened shortly after the First World War. Most of the feminism of my lifetime – not all, but most – is dreary second-hand American stuff, of second-order importance at best.

    As it happens, I approve of the “great advances”; I’m sure there must be recent minor advances that I’d approve of too if I knew more about them. And I admit I have been employed where there was one disgraceful episode of inadequate males bullying a new female colleague until she was reduced to tears. (I didn’t know what was going on until afterwards; I don’t know whether I’d have interfered had I known. I hope so.) The answer to that, of course, should have been simply to sack the shits. Alas, employment protection does make it hard to do the right thing sometimes, eh?

  6. “Nothing wrong with critique, but where’s the creativity?

    Almost none of them seem willing or able to invest the time and talent into creating something that matches their own values”

    The latest attempt at “feminist media” was a game called “Gone Home” about a lesbian who ran away. It took 60 seconds (sic) to play to completion and was sold for $20. Predictably the gaming media were falling over themselves to applaud it.


  7. BF
    The reason that you can’t precisely locate Quanta, due to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, is because she is “multi-tasking”.

  8. Richard – feminist computer games, now there’s an idea I can get behind.

    * Super Princess Peach World – platform mayhem as you play a woman running between different castles to escape her abusive plumber boyfriend.

    * Ladytris – like Tetris, but you only get the blocks to dissappear when you colour coordinate them

    * Space Empowerers – ally with the waves of alien spacecraft to defeat chauvinist male human hegemony

    * Jet Set Vagina

  9. Stig-

    Feminism isn’t a good movement gone bad. The First Wave were the same as the Second Wave (and if you believe in them, Third and Fourth and Nth Waves). They were the shock troops of the Social Purity movement. The intention behind demanding the vote for middle class women was to ensure a voting demographic to hold the social purity regime in place, based on their assumption that women are naturally puritans. Hence, the movement largely vanished once the puritan regime was in place, even though there were still pay differentials etc. And the rapid shrieking revival when the social purity regime began collapsing in the late 1960s.

  10. So Much for Subtlety

    BraveFart – “Hawking shamed as Black holes declared racist!”

    When some physicist announced that Black Holes have no hair, he was promptly denounced for his sexism and I would guess, racism too. Although I believe that it did not occur to him that this might have had any sexual meaning at all.

    Steve – “feminist computer games, now there’s an idea I can get behind.”

    Don’t say that. Even as a joke. Let me introduce you to Anita Sarkeesian. Who raised a hell of a lot of money on Kickstarter to produce some feminist computer games. Which was some time ago ….. I believe she has made a few Youtube clips.

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