Blimey, I’m being used to explain Foucault to people

Sometimes, however, there is a critical revelation in the assessments of profitability. Consider this trenchant maxim for understanding social media and bigdata recently offered by Tim Worstall, a Fellow from the Adam Smith Institute:‘It’s an old adage that if something is free it must be you that is the thing beingsold.’
.I find this statement richly resonant. First, intentionally or otherwise,Worstall encapsulates a radical critique of the conflation of media production andconsumption that stretches from Dallas Smythe’s ‘audience commodity’ toMaurizio Lazzarato’s ‘immaterial labour’.
Second, and more to the point here, itstands as an affirmation of Foucault’s 1975 methodological imperative to look

8 thoughts on “Blimey, I’m being used to explain Foucault to people”

  1. Enjoy the approval while it lasts Tim.
    Sometimes you swing into fashion; sometimes you swing back out of fashion. And all the while the World turns…

  2. Sometimes the socialist shite is so thick that even a palette knife struggles to spread it.
    Nice ref tho’ Tim–put it in your CV.

  3. But what does it mean?

    No, no, don’t fall into the trap of asking what it means!

    It is the purest intellectual onanism, it reaches out beyond the modern paradigm of moral stasis and implants, to borrow from the neo- existentialist de la Couille , le suppositoire essentiel à l’esprit et de l’âme.


  4. Youi should attempt to read the actual paper. Alongside Sokal’s infamous effort it is a vivid exposition of Poe’s law.

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