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Didn’t Sam Pepys say something about this?

Two of America’s top Navy intelligence admirals have been placed on leave in a major escalation of a federal bribery probe in which officers are accused of selling military secrets in exchange for cash, prostitutes and Lady Gaga concert tickets.

Vice Admiral Ted Branch and Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless have also been stripped of access to classified information pending the outcome of an investigation into allegations of improper business relations with Leonard Francis, chief executive of the Singapore-based maritime contracting firm Glenn Defence Marine.

It’s all about maintenance, refuelling and victualling. Something which has been corrupt for about as long as anyone has had a navy actually.

9 thoughts on “Didn’t Sam Pepys say something about this?”

  1. Sorry, but so what? He overcharged by $10m on a $200m contract because of corruption and the kickback is that some officers get to have some fun.

    I’ll bet there’s far more cost in that $200m going on the compliance costs of getting the contracts in the first place.

  2. There was a huge saga still remembered when I joined up regarding the purchase of RN vittles in ports local as well as foreign. Which led to, in the UK, you having to get all your vittles from the NAAFI. And in ports foreign, to the graft going (allegedly) to the civil servants who set up the port agent contracts, rather than the uniformed pussers.

  3. I love the way the name sometimes seems to fit the crime. Rear Admiral Loveless; exactly the man you would expect to be interested in cash, prostitution and Lady Gaga tickets.

  4. The skinny I’m getting from my sources, (a guy who comments on a blog I read), is that the Admirals are innocent and it’s all part of the purge by Uncle Barry of the top brass in the US forces.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Something which has been corrupt for about as long as anyone has had a navy actually.

    Except those foolish Puritan Victorians did work on that. They did manage to drive a lot of corruption out of the system. I doubt this was common in the Royal Navy as long as those educated by the Victorians were in charge.

    Those arrested so far include a Hispanic, someone of Cambodian origin and someone I assume is African American. Culture does matter. Ask Keith Vaz.

  6. Iron Man, “Vice-Admiral” is even more apt when it comes to prostitution and corruption. Lady Gaga though, that just shows poor taste

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