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Similarly the Tea Party occurred because the British were defending the Dutch East Indian Company.

Who knew the English were defending the Dutch East India Company?

The English one perhaps, but the Dutch one?

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  1. The standard account of the Tea Party is tosh anyway. What had happened was that HMG had reduced the tax on tea entering the colonies to such a low level that the tea-smugglers of Boston could no longer undercut the legit importer, viz “John Company”. Hence the smugglers’ little riot; someday someone ought to make a list of the details about the American Revolution “as indoctrinated into little Americans” that are actually true. Apart from its existence and final success, which are scarcely details, the list would be pretty short. Henry Ford wasn’t all that far wrong.

  2. This is probably when the VOC were propping up the South African Apartheid regime in the Cape in the 1770s.

  3. Who knew that Bristol, which was where the tobacco ships unloaded, was part of London? Or that George Washington believed that it cost nothing to ship goods across the Atlantic Ocean at no cost? Did he think that *all* the sailors were slaves and their food cost nothing?

  4. This imbecile graduated from Princeton and teaches at Harvard.
    An evening of scaling back boys’ ambitions to Bournemouth Poly or some such awaits.

  5. @ bif
    He is presumably not an imbecile. Stupid people are rarely evil.
    None of my stupid friends were evil – in fact I can remember saying to a teacher that I should trust Mick with ,my last £ better than I should trust myself (because there was a risk that I should spend it when I should not but Mick would keep it safe) – I am not certain that the teacher understood my convoluted logic but he seemed to accept it as a commendation.

  6. “Jim Hansen was there, and Tim Wirth, the senator who had organized the historic hearings on climate change, and Carl Sagan. We talked about how incredibly urgent it was. That was … over 20 years ago.”

    I wonder how much worse that incredibly urgent problem of global warming has gotten in the past 20 years.

  7. I also wonder how this character manages to live his life without using products created by the evil hydrocarbons industry. Maybe he travels to conferences in Leonardo Da Vinci’s flying machine and uses the same type of organic hemp-based computer as celebrity Wikipedia editor William Connelly.

  8. I think he is borne aloft on his own sanctimony. Liberal Tartuffery: the one truly inexhaustible resource.

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