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Between May 1963 and April 1965 the only No 1 albums were by the Beatles, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. This run was broken by Bob Dylan, who was then knocked off No 1 by Bob Dylan. Three months later, the Beatles were back at No 1, unseated by the Beatles, then the Rolling Stones, then the Beatles.

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  1. Jolly good, the Beatles. We used to sneer at the Stones as a bunch of poncing, precious, pretentious poseurs, but their stuff was OK for jumping around to at parties.

    Looking back, I’d say that those critical judgements stand up pretty well.

  2. Question is, dearieme, when did you last actually hear someone playing some Beatles stuff, rather than just talking about it? Jagger & Mr Zimmerman do seem to have stood the test of time

  3. Incidentally, Stones in ’64 were still the blues band cam out of the same Cyril Davis All Stars that birthed Led Zep & The Faces. They were mostly covering old blues & gospel numbers. if they had a “poncing about” era it was Jagger struttin’ his stuff in Hyde Park thru clouds of butterfles. That gave us Honky Tonk Woman. The Beatles were giving us bed-ins with Yoko Ono.

  4. The Stones were ponces from the off: sincerely inauthentic.

    A band I liked was The Animals, with that nice Alan Price on keyboards. I don’t suppose their stuff has lasted.

  5. I was hoping somebody who was there at the time would get picky here and point to compilations, ‘music from the film’ etc to show that these weren’t all original products. At the very least I expected somebody would be able to name the albums. I’m guessing the first on the list is just called “The Beatles” and the last is Rubber Soul. Am I right?

  6. The Beatles? Were they that annoying boy band with the twee little tunes that went “ooh” while shaking their heads?

  7. Ahh the music of the Baby Boomers.

    Nothing will ever surpass the greatness that was achieved by them including the music of their formative years. They look back on it with nostalgia and rose tinted glasses and point to the music, civil rights, the moon landings blah blah blah how fucking great are they.

    I look at the Baby Boomers and say how about you pay for your own fucking health care and pension entitlements. Why should me and my kids be saddled with the debts incurred by your generation mortgaging my future to pay for your sense of entitlement.

    Ahh the wonder years of the Beatles and the Stones, this just demonstrates how gullible that generation were, to think that three years everyone did the same thing as everyone else. Sheep I say, Sheep the lot of them. And don’t start on about Elvis….

  8. I always thought the Rolling Stones could have made some amazing music if only they had a singer who could sing.

  9. I love the Stones, some of their stuff is brilliant. Good Time Women, the early version of Tumblin’ Dice is brilliant. Although I think they’d have been better had they kept Ian Stewart on piano, he had more talent than any of them.

    The Beatles were all a bit “listen with mother”. Song for song, I think Creedence knocks them both dead.

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