No student of organisations would be surprised by the RSPCA

The owners of independent animal refuges claim they have faced disproportionate attention from the charity and have started a pressure group to highlight their case.

They claim the RSPCA is acting because it does not approve of the “no kill” policy of many of Britain’s estimated 1,000 independent sanctuaries. Under the policy, animals are only destroyed on a vet’s recommendation that they cannot be effectively treated. In contrast, the RSPCA puts down about 53,000 animals a year.

The group claims the RSPCA has been raiding small sanctuaries with little or no evidence of wrongdoing to justify action. The RSPCA says it acts out of concern for animal welfare and that raids are a measure of last resort.

This is simply standard operating procedure for any organisation that can gain the power to act in such a manner.

It would be true of the Girl Guides if they could close down other female juvenile groups. This is just what organisations do: it’s C. Northcote mixed with a bit of The Prince.

11 thoughts on “No student of organisations would be surprised by the RSPCA”

  1. To Parkinson and Machiavelli you can add Mark Twain: ‘To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail’.

  2. The RSPCA are scum, and anyone who gives them money is complicit in their self interested racketeering. If they had any sense of decency (and genuinely wanted to help animals) they would offer financial assistance to people running these sort of local sanctuaries (the sort of thing the RSPCA has long since stopped doing in favour of ‘campaigning’ for its Leftist ideologies) instead of trying to shut them down (and kill all the animals). The amount of money spent on the Chipping Norton hunt prosecution alone would have kept dozens of sanctuaries going for years.

  3. The RSPCA used to be a charity I respected. I thought they did good work and I was happy to contribute.

    They appear to have changed during the last 10 years and would appear to have completely lost the plot. Everything I’ve heard recently has meant that I will not be giving them a single penny in contributions for the foreseeable.

  4. “It would be true of the Girl Guides if they could close down other female juvenile groups. This is just what organisations do: it’s C. Northcote mixed with a bit of The Prince.”

    Not necessarily. A lot of charity/volunteer organisations (like the WI, Girl Guides) happily co-exist because they are mostly about their membership, rather than having financial or power aims. Which is not to say that there aren’t people at the top who would like to pursue power, but they don’t have much power or money.

    For major charities, all the power is at the top, with money coming in that they then distribute, often to professionals, so you can always find someone to be a willing footsoldier.

  5. Thing is, the RSPCA doesn’t actually have the power to do any of this. They are private individuals in fancy dress with invented prenominal titles. They only have power because the people they persecute believe they have some statutory power to “raid”, “investigate”, “check up” or whatever.

  6. How exactly does a charity ‘raid’ a private premises? Who the fuck do they think they are? In fact, who does everyone else think they are?

  7. Well it’s as JamesV suggests – lots of people, including some police apparently, think the RSPCA have special powers. The RSPCA wear uniforms that look like police uniforms (although apparently the first police modeled their uniforms on the RSPCA’s), call themselves Inspectors, Chief Inspectors and Superintendents, issue official-looking ‘notices’ and – apparently – even utter the caution (“you have the right to remain silent…”). But they have the same freedom to do all that as you or I.

    They don’t have the power to ‘raid’ premises. They persuade people to let them in or they seek help from the authorities and turn up with the police who will be waving a warrant. Then of course the owner of the premises might be so shocked or intimidated that he won’t scrutinise the warrant and only allow in the people the warrant says must be allowed in and allow animals to be removed by the RSPCA not the police or actual animal welfare officers. And many people aren’t aware of their own legal freedoms and rights or in the moment capable of asserting them.

  8. A uniform, a peaked cap, a title, and wrapped in the armor of ‘animal rights’. What’s not to like about the job for a certain section of society.

  9. I came across this recently:
    ‘Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.’ C.S. Lewis

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