Shagging makes you mad apparently

Casual sex can make you depressed and can even lead to thoughts of suicide, a new study suggests.

Researchers interviewed around 10,000 people and found that teenagers with depressive symptoms were more likely to engage in casual sex.

These same people were more likely to seriously consider suicide later in life, according to the study.

Dr Sara Sandberg-Thoma, of Ohio State University and lead author of the study, said: “Several studies have found a link between poor mental health and casual sex, but the nature of that association has been unclear.

“There’s always been a question about which one is the cause and which is the effect.

“This study provides evidence that poor mental health can lead to casual sex, but also that casual sex leads to additional declines in mental health.”

Although with this name I’m not sure if it’s a spoof or not:

“Young adulthood is a time when people begin to learn how to develop long-term, satisfying and intimate relationships,” said Dr Kamp Dush.

Happily I must be in excellent mental health as no one ever offered me casual sex when I was a teenager.

Not even I did, that was pure love.

19 thoughts on “Shagging makes you mad apparently”

  1. Casual sex can make you depressed and can even lead to thoughts of suicide

    They’re obviously doing it wrong.

  2. (sigh) I remember fun…………

    Must have been fond memory which caused me, at first pass, to read the good doctor’s name as Damp Kush.

  3. Most humans need to feel wanted and ‘loved’.

    One way to get this is by forming long term relationships with people you treat well, respect and like.

    Another is to have repeated sexual encounters with people who either do care about you for a short time, or can produce a pretty good facsimile of it.

    The trouble starts when next week they’re shagging someone else.

    Women seem to deal with this less well than men. We’ve (probably) all known the office bike(s) – they’re rarely grounded people, with fulfilling home lives.

    Personally, I’m in favour of consenting adults doing what they like, but there are consequences.

  4. This looks like an instance of confusing cause with effect. One of the more common problems in the “social sciences”

  5. For goodness’ sake.

    I know that no-one seems to understand the difference between correlation and causation any more, but I should have thought it was obvious to the meanest intellect that it is far, far more likely that people who suffer from depression and mental health issues have more difficulty than others in developing long term relationships and therefore have more casual sex than that casual sex makes you depressed.

    Seriously, next they’ll be claiming that having a bad diet makes you more likely to be poor and having a yorkshire accent makes you more likely to live in the north.

  6. Repeat after me, correlation does not equal causation…

    After all, low-self esteem is apparently (this didn’t work for me, although I may not have had it – just not as high as it is now…) likely to make you more likely to sleep around. And low self-esteem is also linked to (either as cause or symptom) depression…

    So we can, fully in line with the statist dogma that we must protect people by classifying them (in this case as lacking self-esteem) explain these results easily.

    Or we can put it more bluntly – if you are unhappy, you may seek happiness by fucking around.

  7. “We’ve (probably) all known the office bike(s) – they’re rarely grounded people, with fulfilling home lives.”
    And the office bikes have (probably) all known the office stuck in a rut & no social lifer(s)
    Wasn’t that last week’s reason for depression & suicide?

  8. To be honest I can’t disagree with that study. I’ve been there… dumped, depressed, shagging anything in a skirt and it doesn’t help at all.

  9. What is casual sex? Having sex while smoking a fag? Having sex while reading the newspaper? I’m not experienced in these matters. Can someone fill me in? Could I have phrased that last question somewhat better?

  10. @ Interested, BIS

    depends on a) person and b) stage of life, surely?

    Taking b first, sleeping around at university is probably unlikely to make you depressed. Doing the same thing in your late 30s when all your friends are pair-bonded might not help you feel much better.

    Or it might. Some people don’t require a monogamous relationship to reassure or satisfy them. A lot do (I seem to), probably more than would care to admit it, but not everyone.

  11. Ralph>

    Casual sex is the opposite of formal sex. If you’ve ever slept with a Prussian, you’ll know about the latter.Whilst women of most nationalities require a soldier standing to rigid attention, others tend not to have a prescribed set of manouvres to be executed at a precise tempo.

    I’d have used the phrase ‘drill manual’ but ‘drill, manual’ is the army’s term for a more solitary pursuit.

  12. Sam>

    I’d have thought there’s another factor not being taken into account, which is the quality of the casual partners. If you’re sleeping with whatever bag of meat comes along, that’s likely to be a sign of something wrong. If you’re working your way through every hottie in Hollywood, less so.

  13. A line from a Woody Allen film (when he was funny) :
    “Sex without love is a shallow experience, but as shallow experiences go, it’s one of the best!”

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