Sounds damn good to me

The current generation of EU leaders, including David Cameron, must revive Winston Churchill’s vision of a United States of Europe says José Manuel Barroso

Churchill’s vision of a United Europe was one of which the UK was not a member of course.

So fine, yes, carry on.

6 thoughts on “Sounds damn good to me”

  1. Let’s revive Churchill’s policy regarding jumped up little dictators from Foreign who think they can tell us what to do.

  2. Churchill must have been in his cups again.

    It’s been a principle of our foreign policy, for a thousand years or so, to try to keep our neighbours small and disunited.

    Why else would we have bothered to invent Belgium?

  3. That other political colossus ,Oswald Mosley, and his Union Movement (the clue’s in the name) wanted us in a world power bloc with, surprisingly Africa (all those minerals). However he would have been pleased with the present Europe which is as corporatist/ fascist as his slightly watered down dreams.

  4. As opposed to what Reed?–the soviet shithole with 60+ million deaths on the tab?. Again–the euuww is fascist and fascism is socialist heresy.

  5. As opposed to an EU that’s not pro privatisation, anti collective bargaining and anti small business (by banning Resale Price Maintenance.)Anyone would think that Mr X supports a Corporatist Europe simply (apt word) because it is not the Red Terror (ended some time ago: Russia and China are now beating us at capitalism).

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