This is mildly fun

At some point in the next 15 minutes or so my blog at Forbes will go past 10 million visitors since I started it.

They’ve also paid me significantly above €100,000 for writing it in the last 2.5 years as well.

Rather glad I noted Ritchie telling us all how he was going to get paid for writing for Forbes and then phoned them up. On the grounds that if they were going to hire him then they ought to hire me too.

Yes, a good idea that phone call.

18 thoughts on “This is mildly fun”

  1. Hmmm

    A good proportion of your writings relate to criticisms of our good friend the tax expert and payments for your Forbes gig is as a result of the fact that he was paid by them too?

    A cynic might suspect collusion at best or even that you are one and the same, playing on both sides of the net and picking up two sets of fees.

  2. Just in case he misses it here, posting a copy to the comments section of his website would be a nice touch. Just a courtesy to keep him aware of things, of course. No other motive to be implied.

  3. So Ritchie has helped make you substantially richer! You should send him a thank you letter and perhaps a bottle of Champagne. I’m sure he will appreciate it!

  4. Well done.

    Does Ritchie still write there? I don’t go near his blog as it isn’t a discussion so nothing to be learned, so the only way I know what’s going is through Ragging of Ritchie.

  5. They gain over a quid per hundred views? How many of you poor schlubs click on adverts?

    Then again, I suppose richer people hang around on Forbes than on yer average platform.

  6. Since I was “blocked” by Mr. Murphy on Twitter ( for having audacity to ask him a ?), I also tend to only learn about his latest episode of foot in mouth disease from this blog.

    I didn’t know he wrote for Forbes, so googled him and found out it was a pretty short tenure. However most distressing was the fact that his Wikipedia page had no mention of Murphy Richards. Hopefully this gross injustice can be rectified by some of the more Wiki-literate readers who lurk around here.

    However congratulations Tim. I follow several Forbes bloggers and you are by far the most prolific (and accurate and topical).

  7. I have to admit to being genuinely shocked at that level of payment. But it is a pretty interesting lesson in how a status quo is maintained; the writer whose commentary produces soothing noises supportive of some existent elite- e.g. “business leaders” or “guardianistas” will be handsomely rewarded, and thus the whole thing is reinforcing.

    Daresay if somebody offered me a hundred grand to support indirect taxes on the masses, and rail against direct taxes on banking transactions and other direct business interests, I’d be tempted too.

    Yes, I know, snippy. Unsuccessful poor bloke snipes at successful one. Might be true anyway, after all, nobody’s paying me to say it, haha 🙂

  8. Geez Ian, it’s only £35K or so a year. Before tax. That’s well remunerated by blogging standards I’d guess, but not excessive compared with what you’d expect to get if you spent an equivalent amount of time and energy on your business.

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