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At the ASI.

On Mazzucato’s delusions about the entrepreneurial state.

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  1. So Much for Subtlety

    A good example of why she is so wrong is the text message. The engineers included that so that the machines could talk to each other. The bean counters liked it because it allowed people to pay for top ups at home.

    But people found a much more interesting use for it and the phone companies followed the money.

    I defy anyone to think of a plausible set of steps a centrally planned economy could have made that would have resulted in everyone under 30 texting their little hearts out. Not even a centrally planned one. Britain in the 70s.

  2. May I commend Bill Bryson’s excellent book At Home to all and sundry interested in how technology gets adopted not as designers intend but as consumers feel the need.

  3. A lot of what the state “invented” was because of one major reason – war. When there is a war going on, then people will very happily help the state to invent new stuff. The costs are a lot easier to cover with the excuse of a war too. But in all cases, the military equipment has been taken away from the state by the private sector and improved upon by factors many times more than that which the state could have carried out.

  4. Splendid innovations by the liberated private sector: sky high rail fairs, ditto energy, and house prices so high nobody can afford them without state help (from a Conservative Government!).Just concentrate on the widgets.
    There was a time when it was clearly understood that a mixed economy could remedy the deficiencies of the State by the different abilities of the commercial sector and vice versa.But now, after thirty years in which the country’s institutions have been invaded by public school twits, anything so balanced and thoughtful is out the window.

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